Monday, March 28, 2011

Exercising the hands and the fingers :)

Yes this morning I'll be sitting on my butt but I'll be exercising my hands :)  How?? Well I'm going to be helping to stuff over 450 envelopes with a newsletter that I help to produce!! Fun, fun, fun

Usually half way through the stuffing they order pizza so I've already packed some cheese, some almonds, some cherry tomatoes and a pumpkin spice granola bar.

It must be a pumpkin kind of day because I also had a pumpkin spice smoothie for breakfast :) Well that and a strong cup of coffee!!

Since I'll be sitting on my butt most of the day I'm going to get off of the bus super early and get at least a 40 minute walk home. Let's hope I don't freeze :)


  1. Remember to stretch before your hand and finger workout. I'd hate for you to pull a muscle.

  2. Darn you! You've gone and made me want tomatoes for lunch. :)

    Haha! Make sure you stretch those fingers before you start stuffing those envelopes. LOL!


  3. Lunch looks good. I would love a smoothie. I might have to get in there and make myself one. Good luck with the envelopes. I've done that kind of work before. Watch out for paper cuts.:)

  4. Good luck on those envelopes. Have a great day!!!

  5. You're always doing neat things. Helping out with newsletters, going for gorgeous walks in the woods, cooking up something yummy, keeping up with weekly challenges. You're a neat person, Suzi. :)