Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I can still go for a walk :)

Today I started my day with eggs and turkey sausages :) Then I convinced the hubs that although I`m sick and I don`t want to give anyone else my germs its perfectly acceptable that I go for a walk :)

I made sure that lunch gave me a boost of energy for my walk. Green monster: almond breeze, banana, baby spinach and sweetener. KerryGold special reserve Dubliner cheese, veggies and a granola bar!

The walk turned out harder than I thought it would be! First I guess I'm sick and I just don't have much energy but also because of the slushy snow and ice. I had to laugh when a bicyclist went passed us at about the same speed as we were walking. He yelled out he knew he was crazy :)

Saw this woodpecker but he was quite far away :(


  1. I always enjoy your walk photos, Suzy. I hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. Poor Suzi. Hope you feel better asap.

    Those geese are so pretty. You do get to go on some beautiful walks.

  3. Hope you start to feel better soon !!!

    Your photos always look so delish ! Even the outdoor ones...ROFL @ the bicylist !!!

  4. You get an A+ for effort!! Most of us wouldn't even attempt a walk when not feeling well.

    Hope you get some time to rest and feel better soon :)

  5. Feel better! I'm guessing your body probably secretly liked that you pushed through and got a walk in. :)

    Again...get well.

  6. The picture of the cheese just made my mouth water!