Thursday, April 28, 2011

A few things that work for me lately...

1. Only weighing in once a week! The one time I peaked a couple of days early my weight was up and I wanted to give up but by my weigh in day 2 days later I'd lost :)

2. Veggies and fruits! I love them. I will eat cherry tomatoes like candy

3. Movement of all sorts. Going out of my way to walk a few extra steps! Putting extra effort into my walking

4. For quite a while now I have not eaten after dinner and it works for me. Not for everyone but after dinner I know the kitchen is closed.

5. Organizing my kitchen so that I know what I have and where it is when I want it.

6. Lots and lots of water! Helps to keep me feeling full between meals.

7. Blogging I have my mojo back :)

8. Twitter going for my #30daychip has really helped me to stay strong and motivated.

9. Variety in food and exercise really helps to keep me happy.

10. Journaling everything I eat. I find this really helps me to plan my food and stay on my plan.

11. My weekly challenges :)

What's working for you lately?? Would love hear any new ideas or old ones that I've forgotten.


  1. Great food ✔
    Lots of water ✔
    Blogging mojo ✔
    Couple of planks ✔
    Maybe get some walking in ✔

    Yep -I think that pretty much covers it!
    Love the pic, too!

  2. What works for me? Everything on your list except Twitter and weekly challenges. I think I need to add in some challenges.
    Love reading your blog... :)

  3. I also love cherry tomatos and I can hardly weight until our garden is ready. Water also works well for me and I am trying to get more exercise.

  4. 7. Blogging I have my mojo back :)

    thats my favorite =)

  5. Great post! I think you just motivated me to get moving!!!


  6. Lately for me what's working is just staying positive. Believing I can do this. I haven't done the twitter thing. Maybe I should.

  7. You are a true example to follow! Thank you for all the helpful tips!

  8. I like the first one, especially this week. I've been working hard and the scale hasnt budged at all, its so annoying! But my weigh in is on Sunday so I need to just relax and not get down about it.. yet.

  9. Nice reminder that I need to get back to journaling what I eat. I did so much better when I wrote down every bite. Thanks! I enjoy your blog!