Saturday, May 21, 2011

Calling all fellow challengers :)

This weeks challenge was to find little ways to add in some extra exercise! How did you do??

For me I would stop and do some squats, or I would stand up and do some jumping jacks. I even stopped and did some planks. I actually had fun doing this weeks challenge.

Will you keep doing it after this week? I think I will :)

Tomorrow I will post the new weekly challenge!

Hope your having a great weekend


  1. Thanks for hosting these challenges.

    I did well for the week, I got in more than I expected and was very conscious about doing it too !

  2. I did it. Its really surprising how often we can fit in exercise! I will keep on doing it, great challenge

  3. I did great! We will find out just how great when I go weigh in in an hour. My husband made a comment that i was being ver "fidgety" this week, as I couldn't sit still and he caught me doing jumping jacks during television commercials... :-D

  4. I did my CrossFit thing in the Grocery Store -
    not as easy as you might imagine!
    So yeah - I rocked the socks off
    of this one!

  5. Another challenge I loved and will continue to do!

  6. I did OK the beginning of the week and slaked off towards the end. I just didn't keep it going all week...I was bad, I know!