Monday, May 30, 2011


I know my titles are so original :)

Had an amazing breakfast today with greek yoghurt, organic raspberries, honey and Love Grown cocoa goodness granola!

I actually was busy and forgot I hadn't eaten lunch so I grabbed a mango matcha green tea protein smoothie and a mango muffin :) Yummyfication!
Snack: natural almonds

O.k I'm sorry but I just have to say this was one of the best dinners evah!! Beef tenderloin lovingly bbq'd by the hubs, veggies with newman's own balsamic dressing, mushrooms and a glass of YellowTail shiraz wine.

I sat outside today to plan menu's and just enjoy the nice breeze (don't mind the red at my hairline I just dyed my hair)


  1. WOW! I love your breakfast. I might have to it out tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Have you tried Natures Path's Omega 3 Pumpkin or other granola that they offer? I love mixing that with some yummy greek yogurt.

  3. Your food looks AMAZING. I'm getting hungry just looking at the pictures!

  4. damn you did a great job too.
    Id never have notice and couldnt really even SEE when looking for the hairline-color!


  5. I still haven't seen that granola around my area yet, darn it!! LOL

    That mango muffin looks so good. Did ya post the recipe and I missed it?

  6. Great looking food day Suzy! Hope your Tuesday is going well.

  7. You - your food - your hair -
    you look absolutely marvelous!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new hair color...very Spunky !!!!