Sunday, May 29, 2011

New weekly challenge!!

This weeks challenge is going to be to state some weekly goals and to do them!

These are my goals for this week:
1. Stay within my weight watcher points!
2. To make a plan for eating at a mall that I'm going to
3. To drink 8 cups of water (at least) every day this week
4. I'm starting a 5K in 100 days this week and I will do it!! It's being done through twitter here

What are your goals for this week??


  1. I am going to pass on this challenge this week Suzi.

    I will get in on the next one !!

  2. Count me in !

    1. do my new Yoga game/program/routine 3 times this week
    2.Get in some form of exercise 6 days next week
    3. Eat fish 3 times next week.
    4. Eat red meat no more than 2 times next week.

  3. This is on like Donkey Kong!
    And massage. Don't forget the massage!

  4. Hmm, what are my goals?

    strength train at the gym 2 days
    c25k one days
    eat salad for dinner 6 days
    meditate/chant the negativity out of my house. And stretch.

    I'm walking a 12k on Friday and my calves are still pretty abused from this Friday's walk and Wednesday's stairs, so I'm gonna try to take it a little easy on my legs this week.

    Good luck!

  5. Sweet pea I hope to see you next week! Have a great week

    Di those are totally do-able goals!

    Anne :)

    Lily I'm tired just reading how much you've done/are doing :)

  6. 1. Stay in my WW daily point allowance
    2. Dont eat anyones food but mine at work
    3. Treadmil 5 days
    4. Sleep at least 7 haours a night
    5. Do something nice just for me

  7. I don't usually take part in your weekly goals, but I think I will this week with one, simple goal: to believe in my heart that I can DO this again.

    Wimpy goal? Perhaps. But such a big one for me right now! :)

  8. Strength train 3 days
    Try Zumba
    Walk at least a mile every day
    Eat fish at least one day