Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No sweaty walk/run!

Wow we went from freezing to sweating in one week!! Well I love the hotter weather as long as the sun is shining  :)

I was hoping to go for a sweaty walk/run today but my ankle is sore from doing jumping jacks! No fear I'll baby it for a while and then back to walking/running!

Today I made my egg muffins/quiches with a side of grapefruit. I needed some fuel for my exercise.

Before going out to meet friends for coffee I ate some leftover veggie salad, goat cheese and some soft serve banana with raspberries and a few carob chips!!
Snack of almonds

Ralph is once again in charge of the bbq and tonight he's making stuffed portobello mushrooms on a bun with a side of salad, an apricot and a couple of bud light lime beers. My favourite portobello recipe is from here

Tomorrow Ralph and I are going to see the play Hairspray I'm so excited!
Update: had 3 small scotchies (pretty small butterscotch cookies) added the points and I'm still going strong!


  1. Everything looks good, especially the stuffed mushrooms! Thanks for the muffin recipe. I'm gonna try them out. We have company next week :)

    Hope your ankle feels better soon and enjoy Hairspray!!

  2. Your food reminds me of what a balet dancer or actress would eat. It looks SO good and healthy!!!!


  3. Hungry now - what a spread!