Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yum yum!

I made Rocky Road oatmeal this morning :) Well I had to use the multi coloured marshmallows because I couldn't find mini white ones anywhere!!  It was really good anyway.

It's back to work today :(

All morning I've been stopping to do jumping jacks and when I went to the bathroom I stopped and did 10 squats! How are you adding some more exercise to your day??

Lunch was an omelet with goat cheese and spinach, grapefruit, guiltless chili lime tortilla chips with some homemade mango salsa.

For work I packed up a mango peach lassie with protein and matcha, veggies, cheese and almonds and 2 double chocolate cookies

Hope your having a good day!


  1. Im so sorry your having to work on such a beautiful day as today. Love your food choices today, they all look good!

  2. I took a walk on my lunchbreak and got drenched!

    I like your lunch.

  3. Grapefruit and mango salsa- that is making my mouth water !

  4. Your world looks so colorful. You can make simple things look like works of art.

    Love it!

  5. LOVE the multicolored marshmallows. It has to just simply make you smile when you eat it! :-)

  6. Never thought of marshmallows in oatmeal! I do squats when I am watching Oprah!!

  7. Why ya teasing us poor LoCarbers??