Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to the mall

I had to laugh yesterday I was at my pharmacy to pick up some meds and the pharmacist wanted to do a sit down to make sure of which meds I'm taking plus vitamins etc. to make sure that there's no conflict between meds. I did find out that I should be taking folic acid because of one the meds I take.
Anyway he asks to see my health card and I give it to him and he says "wow you look a lot healthier now" yep I officially love my pharmacist!!

A few days ago we were at the mall and I picked up some workout capri pants. They fit and looked really good. That is until I put them on and walked around a big and they kept sliding down, down and down until you were only looking at my undies :)
So I went back to exchange them for something that will stay where they're supposed to! Update they took them back but I couldn't find any others I liked. Will have to check out other stores.

First things first though I had to eat :) Omelet with chilli pepper jack cheese, some turkey bacon and a side of strawberries and coffee.

Instead of eating at the mall I made a chicken ceasar salad with some blueberries on the side

You know what I have been finding very helpful yesterday and today is the drinking of 3 cups of water before each meal and then I had another 3 cups in the evening. Really helped to keep me full. Honestly my appetite is much smaller today!

Tonight for dinner the hubs bbq'd some salmon. I had some green beans and cherry tomatoes with it and the hubs had rice and green beans.

I can't wait to get back to my 5Kin100days but I'm not pushing this ankle. I'm going to let it heal 100% before I try running on it again. Sometimes I can be a stubborn old fool but not this time :)


  1. Awesome looking chow, there, Miss S!
    And the Pharmacist - Yay!
    I bet they don't get to say that to all their customers.

  2. I'm liking what I'm seeing, Suzi! (or not seeing :D)

    Who wouldn't love that PharmBoy!

  3. and keep those britches up, Woman!