Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 3

I had a fantastic day today! I didn't make all my daily goals but boy oh boy I did have fun :)

Started my day with some yoghurt, berries, flax seed, chia seed and granola. 

Then it was off to The Running Room in Waterloo. What a great store and the girl that served me sure knew her shoes :) She never lost patience with me trying on several different brands over and over :) In the end I bought some Nike Pegasus. I'll never get lost in the dark!

After the shoe store it was off to Vincenzo's a European grocery store where I can find things that I can't find any where else. Look what I found today. Not in the pic's fresh butter and spicy cheese.

By the time I finished shopping I was getting a little hungry. So off to Thrive Juice bar where my daughter works. They make some awesome vegan and vegetarian foods. They were so busy today!! And yes that's Jen hard at work.
Today I chose some dal soup and a kale mojito which is my favorite juice so far. Then again I say that every time I taste one :) Thank Jen for your great suggestions!!

Finally it was on the bus to go home. A long day. The hubs and I went to the all you can eat Chinese buffet tonight. I made pretty healthy choices but I have no idea how many calories I had today. But hey I don't think I'm worried about a virgin kale mojito or any of the choices I made today.

Recap for the day:
1. Were my calories between 1200-1300?= No idea but I'm happy with my choices
2. Did I exercise today?= Walked around a lot today but no specific exercise. I did have over 13,000 steps on my pedometer
3. How many cups of water?=I got my 8 cups in already today
4. Did I journal my food?=yes 
5. Did I have any issues today?=Well there were a few temptations at the buffet but altogether today was a good day