Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm still here!!

I should have know better than to try to do a challenge when I'm on holiday from work and it includes eating out a lot!

Also my ankle is acting up and I haven't been able to get my walking/running in and honestly it's really been bothering me. Just because I can't walk much seems to have set of a mindset that I can just eat as much as I want. Not a place I want to be.

This afternoon I did manage to do a 45 minute very slow walk but I knew that was more than enough for today!

I really do like weight watchers BUT I was really taking too much advantage of free fruits! It just isn't working for me right now.

So starting today I'm chugging down 3 cups of water before each meal. I'm choosing to eat healthy. I'm not going to worry about my ankle too much, it will heal when it's ready. I did see a Dr about it and it's just going to take time to heal. I'm going to enjoy my foods not just eat for the sake of eating.

Deep breath!

How has today been? Awesome

3 cups of water
Scrambled eggs with chili pepper jack cheese, 2 turkey sausages and 1/2c blueberries

3 cups of water
Went to visit my daughter at the Thrive juice bar :) I ended up eating the big salad bowl with some smoky maple tempeh and a glass of water. Can't believe my daughter's working in a vegetarian/vegan juice bar/restaurant. You know how much I love my veggies and fruits!

3 cups of water (I'm beginning to see a theme here)
Beef tenderloin, light caeser salad (no croutons), corn on the cob and a glass of red wine

I plan on having 3 more cups of water (in fact it's already half done) and a cup of green tea


  1. Your food choices look so good today. Great work!

  2. Oh that all looks so good. Glad you are back on track. The water will def help.

  3. Like my Dr. told me when I told her WW says fruits are now free ... "Fruits aren't FREE! Nothing's FREE! It all counts!" :D

    My 3 cups of water before eating is sure making me exercise whether I want to or not. Stair climbing yet. :D

    Dinner looks so summery and very tasty! Yummy!

  4. Thats why I do old weight watchers, fruit free???? I would totally abuse that rule!!! What ever works for ya sweetie :)

  5. I love the idea of fruits being free, but it's not practical. I could snack on fruits all day. I mean it! Especially apples, strawberries, oranges, plums, peaches, mangoes, the list is endless!

    I wish I could eat the way you do! We don't have the money to eat so healthy every day. I do my best with what I have though.

  6. Mmmmm...looks good! Hope your foot gets better soon. I have PF and when it flares, UGH UGH! Awful, especially for someone who LOVES walking.
    My DD is working at a fruit/veggie farm so she's really keen on fruit/veggies more now (always was but has a bigger interest now) -- yah!!! Love it! (and she gets 20% off - for me too!)

  7. I wonder when WW will change the free fruit idea or say it's not free anymore. I allow myself one free fruit but count everything after that. My sister-in-law told me that she started gaining when she stopped counting fruit. I don't think that was their best idea. :(

  8. I hope your ankle feels better soon. And as always, I love your photos! Everything looks so good.

  9. The cups of water thing was pivotal for me and my beastly appetite. I hope it works wonderfully for you. If nothing else. you'll be well hydrated. Hah!

    Food looks so yummy. I wish I could have soy freely--I used to love it--sigh.

    Happy watering!

  10. Oh, and while I understand the good intentions of WW, anytime you tell people that something with calories and sugars (fruit) are free, some of us will abuse it. I can eat 15 fruits a day easy, and in the past, have easily averaged 8 to 9 fruit servings a day. More in summer. That's probably averaging 500+ calories, since some of my fave fruits (pineapple, mango) are high in sugars and calorically add up fast. What's FREE about hundreds of calories?

    I think everything but maybe leafy greens and super duper low cal veggies should count. BUT....they can encourage fresh freggies by letting them have a points advantage. Like, you get 2 free FRESH unadulterated fruit servings and all the others count to make sure people do choose fruit.

    Well, they gotta take into consideration that calling any food but water or leafy greens free, especially "dessert-like" foods, is an invitation to binge. ; )

  11. Lovely area for a walk. Enjoy some time off, too!