Monday, June 20, 2011

Still here!

Computer's not fixed yet but it's usable until I can get it to the geek squad :)

Today's plan includes a lot of cleaning, boxing up the last few things of my daughter so that when the moving truck comes it's all ready for her and hopefully a really nice walk!

Started today off with a green theme: Green monster: almond breeze, baby spinach, frozen banana, 1T ground flaxseed and 1/2 a scoop of protein

Stopped cleaning for a bottle of cranberry juice :)

Lunch was a bowl of homemade chicken and dumplings soup and some mango with yoghurt and granola
I'll try to be back later with another post :) I've missed you guys!!


  1. I have a love-hate relationship with computers, but mainly I just love to hate them while wondering how I ever lived without one.

  2. I'm knocking on wood with my laptop. It is getting pretty old. I've been lucky with it for a while now.

  3. Geek Squad?
    I thought it said "Greek Salad!"
    Must be hongry!