Thursday, July 21, 2011

Managed to do a bit more

I finally put a Leslie Sansone dvd on today!  Before it got too hot.

Some things I can do ok with one hand and some just get me very frustrated!! Like trying to use a can opener at lunch. There was no way I could use it  :(

I admit some things I don't bother doing.  Like shaving and makeup. I'll wait until I have 2 hands.

Work is surprisingly going very well. They don't mind that every hour or so I need to go in the back to exercise my fingers. And the kids are really helping a lot.

My eating has been going great.  Yes i'm eating a lot more easier to put together foods, but I  have been tracking cals, sodium etc.

Exercise I have to admit has been bad.  Between spraining my ankle, the hear, this hand injury I really haven't done a lot.  Well I did still go to work :)
You may wonder why my hand is limiting me. Well for one thing when I sweat my incision stings, ouch.  As well I hold mu arm against my chest because if it's down it throbs.
Now that I've given the excuses I'm going to tell you my plan.
Between today and Monday I'm going to a workout at least 3 days!! If it stays this hot I'll probably do them inside.  They don't have to be long workouts just do something.

So who wants to join me in at least 3 workouts between today and Monday??


  1. me!!!

    I am debating on whether or not to join the gym.... any thoughts?

  2. Well you'd be able to workout in airconditioning :) Go for the gym!

  3. Glad things are going as well as possible given the circumstances. Have a great day today. (I joined you for a workout this morning, but we're away for the weekend, and not sure if I'll join you for two more before Monday...I'll try though!)

  4. Hey a good walk would count :)
    Some squats??

  5. Thanks for celebrating with me. I hope that you heal quickly. I really need to workout, I've been so busy babysitting this week that I've missed 3 days. My exercise bike is calling my name.

  6. I say we should work out at the day spa....
    A massage sounds nice!
    While sipping on protein smoothies
    that have those little umbrellas sticking out from them.
    At the ocean. Under a cabana.

  7. I'm in for the three-workouts-in-three-days plan. I've been told to keep it very very light for medical reasons of my own, but I'm going insane. So this weekend it will need to be short walks with the dogs and some restorative-type yoga.

    Handless/not-super-sweaty workouts are harder though ... bike at the gym, elliptical without the hand things, doing lower body weight machines at the gym...and then, like you said, calisthenics stuff - squats, jumping jacks, sit ups (if you're careful with hand placement - maybe hands across your chest?). You could even do air jump-roping to add in some cardio intervals?