Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Question day!

1. What cookbook do you use the most??

2. Hamburgers or hotdogs??

3. What are you having for dinner tonight?

4. What is your favourite sport??

5. Have you ever had surgery?


  1. 1. I don't use cookbooks although I have many of them. The latest one I bought is Everyday Paleo. I really should haul it out and use it but when you live alone and cook for yourself it just seems like more of a pain in the ass.

    2. Hamburgers! with cheese!!! Although hot dogs at a ballgame. They just go together.

    3. Eggs!

    4. Sports and I don't get along much.

    5. Yes. Gallbladder. Thyroidectomy. Removal of cancerous lymph nodes twice. Removal of precancerous cervical cells. I used to be so scared of surgery now not so much.

    Sending Happy Healing thoughts your way, Suzi! ♡

  2. 1. What cookbook do you use the most??
    I'm not sure I use any one more than another.

    2. Hamburgers or hotdogs??
    Veggie burgers over veggie dogs when I get the chance.

    3. What are you having for dinner tonight?
    I don't know yet, last night was potato dumplings and veggies.

    4. What is your favourite sport??
    Tennis, or paddle sports, depends on how hot the day is.

    5. Have you ever had surgery?
    Yes, knee surgery years and years agl.

  3. 1. the ones by America's Test Kitchen and a junior league one called Homecoming

    2. hamburgers

    3. hamburgers! LOL

    4. hiking count?

    5. yes, two c-sections

  4. 1. I have many cookbooks. Usually, I find one recipe in each one and never get to the 50-100 other ones in the book!

    2. Definitely hamburgers.

    3. Our family "smorg": various cheeses, a bit of pate, hummus (planning to make it myself from a recipe in a Canadian Living cookbook), some nice artisanal baguette and lots of cut-up raw vveggies.

    4. Swimming.

    5. I've had several major surgeries. Not good memories.

  5. Hi Suzy, hope you are recovering nicely!!!!
    Question day! Fun!
    Here are my answers:
    1) I have many, many cookbooks, and can't think of one that is truly my "go to". MAYBE Healthy Helpings by Noreen Gillitz. I've never made anything from that one that didn't turn out well.
    2) Burgers for sure!
    3) To be determined...but likely it'll involve a big salad and some protien.
    4) Favorite sport? Badminton to play, figure skating to watch.
    5) Yup, had surgery, Twice...both kinda "personal" so no need to elaborate as to what they were for! )
    Take care, keep healing and have a good Wed.

  6. My answers:
    (1) I use various cookbooks - and recipes from the internet...maybe my Tosca Reno "Eat Clean" cookbooks.
    (2) hamburgers - just had some gluten free ones from Costco -- yum! Chicken burgers actually - from Janet & Greta "Chicken with Fire-Roasted Vegetables" - AWESOME!
    (3) Roast beef, baked potatoes, corn - salad
    (4) soccer
    (5) yes - numerous times, but minor things (thankfully) - ingrown toenails removed (3x) and a few other things like D&C's

    Hope you're doing well! Good questions!

  7. 1. Cookbooks? I don't know but since I've found this blog world i don't need them anymore. i just check out my fav blogs.
    2. Hamburger
    3.Already had dinner-Weight Watchers chicken enchilada casserole
    4. Favorite to DO or watch? I love love love sports. LOVE. All of em. But, FOOTBALL is my FAVORITE. I'm a sports junky, but you probably already knew that.
    5. Yep. I had my gallbladder out, and my airway laser done 3 times (so far)

  8. 1. No cook books just blogs and goole for me!!
    2. Veggie burgers
    3. I am too embarrassed to say, i ate EVERYTHING today, major food hangover coming tomorrow, i am sure!!
    4. Is readings a sport??
    5. Tonsils only

  9. Gall Bladder - for being on a nasty lowfat diet in my careless youth!
    And I mix hot dogs with hamburgers. Really good!

  10. 1. What cookbook do you use the most? I don't. I use my mom's recipes, and also I make things up out of my own head.

    2. Hamburgers or hotdogs?
    hot dog with crispy onions.

    3. What are you having for dinner tonight?
    I don't know. Which is rare.

    4. What is your favourite sport?
    ballet or hot yoga.

    5. Have you ever had surgery?
    I had a cyst removed from my neck in 2006.

    Also hi I'm Shanni :-D