Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trying something new and what the Dr said today

It went o.k today he said i severed not only 2 tendons and a nerve but also an artery! This week i have to do finger exercises every hour every day.

Stitches come out in 2 weeks. I have to wear the splint at least 6 more weeks!!

He had to open my hand further up and down :( It starts at the top knuckle and down to mid palm, 20 stiches.

You can't imagine how happy i was to have a coffee this morning :)

I need to shake up my eating plan!  What I'm doing isn't working!

So for the next week I'm going to:
1. keep my calories between 1,200 and 1,300 I'm only 4'11 3/4 and right now I can't get too much activity in.

2. I'm aiming for less than 100g carb/day

3. 3 cups of water before breakfast/lunch/dinner and 3 more in the evening!

4. As long as my ankle is good get a walk (this week I have physically been exhausted I'll be happy to get 1 walk in)

5. Aim for 1,500g of salt or less!

I think that's good for this week.

I really want to thank Karen and Anne for answering all my questions and for helping me with ideas for food! Oh and I totally copied Karen's Idea for the weekly/daily challenge :)

Day 1
calories: 1,173
carbs    : 52g
sodium : 1454
on my last 3c of water

And a glass of wine!


  1. ♡ Thanks, Suzi!
    I borrowed the challenge from "he who shall not be named" after seeing Princess do so well with his. Just kinda tweaked it for my own goals.

    I am hoping that your hand heals up quickly so that you can get back to two handed typing!
    It's crazy how an avocado can cause so much havoc!

  2. And holy wow, I love your food choices today! Delicious looking!

  3. Suzi - that was a serious injury! No more knives for you...

  4. I should be making dinner instead of drooling over those pictures :0) I know for some people it helps them to drink water from a straw... i guess they drink it quicker! Me personally I have a huge water bottle and drink from that rather than counting out glasses or cups :)

  5. You are a tiny little thing like my daughter. I often wish I was 5'6" tall so I could weigh more and eat more. Hope your hand heals fast. You're still making yummy looking food. :)

  6. I'm glad the surgery went well. What a bummer. That was a BAD injury. Good luck with the rehab. Your food looks tasty as usual.

  7. So sorry to heAr about hand suzi I do know how you feel though definitely not easy doing stuff with just one hand. Hope you get better quickly. Hugs

  8. Hoping your healing goes really well!

  9. Hope that surgery does the trick, sounds like a long haul to recovery. Like your plan for eating 1200-1300 calories. I find this really works for me. keep on the mend, Suz!

  10. OMG that avocado looks DELICIOUSSSSS I never have avocado!

  11. After the week you've had, you deserve at least 2 glasses of wine!

  12. I cant believe you hurt yourself so badly, you are brave to be eating avocados, i would have sworn off them for life!! You and me both, need to shake up the food choices!!!