Monday, August 29, 2011

I can have toast again :)

First things first I went grocery shopping  :) I really needed to stock up on some things (which is why we had pizza last night) I spent a fortune on groceries today.

Then I grabbed some carrot juice and a meal replacement protein shake and off we went to the mall for some shopping therapy!

Actually I really needed to buy a toaster oven since my toaster bit the dust. I figured I may as well get a toaster oven because then I may use the big oven less, saving us some money.

My daughter has a friend who is giving away an industrial juicer!! Oh yes I'm definitely looking forward to some raw juices in my future :)

Her boss was sent a lot of steel cut oats by mistake so guess who's going to get some! Moi

Now I'm off to soak my hand in some nice warm water because it's feeling really stiff today :(

Hope you had a great day


  1. You are going to love juicing. Don't be afraid of adding beets. They are so good for you!

  2. I was thinking of hauling our toaster oven out too - it's in storage for camping, but we could use it in the house (when DD heats something up and heats the whole oven, ugh!).
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Hope your finger enjoyed the warm water! ;)

  3. I hope your hand is feeling better! Don't you just love getting free stuff? =)

  4. This looks a lot like the one I have. Is it a convection oven? If so - you will love it! We use ours all the time.

  5. Yes it's a convection one Lori :)

  6. I used one all the time when we were remodeling our kitchen but haven't since. With so many of us its tough making a whole meal for everyone in a toaster oven but for you and hubby I bet it will be perfect. Hope your hand gets less stiff.

  7. Woo Hoo. A toaster oven and a juicer??? Be still my heart! I love kitchen appliances! Enjoy 'em Suzy! Take care

  8. Have fun with your new kitchen ware! :D

  9. I never use the real oven... just the toaster oven!
    Glad you are getting better and better!

  10. Nice new toaster oven ! Plus all the other bonus freebies are kinda nice as well.

    Hope your hand is doing a little better each day.