Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love autumn

Today I didn't have to work :)  I managed to sleep a little extra this morning and then I got up and made a coconut banana bread pudding/bake with coconut butter and a peach.

I've finally caught up with my blog reading and it was time to get my butt in gear! So off on a walk I went.

Absolutely, totally, wonderfully beautiful :)

Lunch today was a protein smoothie with some organic baked cheese snacks.

Dinner is going to be a quick throw together vegetarian chili, multi grain baguette and a salad with Asian red pepper dressing.

After dinner I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine and a movie!

Hope your having a great weekend


  1. Did you like the pudding? Your's looks so cute and puffy!

  2. I loved it! This time I used frozen banana and it seemed to make it less dry :)
    Definitely will be having this again!

  3. Suzi, thanks for following my blog. I signed up to follow yours too.

  4. It just doesn't get much better than
    absolutely, totally, wonderfully beautiful :)
    Glad life is working for you, SS!

  5. Hi Suzy. that squirrel! Hope the week ahead has been a good one!!!!

  6. The week AHEAD HAS BEEN A GOOD ONE????????? I swear, I have had NO alcohol...but what the hell was that comment above!? :) Hope the week ahead IS a good one! (that's better!)

  7. That breakfast looks amazing :) i see all these great ideas but I am to lazy...