Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm learning!

While I was cooking my breakfast today I looked at what I had planned to eat the rest of the day. This is when I normally take things out of the freezer. So today I was taking out a peach muffin to take to work later. Now what I usually do is look for the biggest one! More bang for the buck kind of thing. However, I stopped my hand before it started to look for the biggest on and just took the one on top :) I think my mind is finally smartening up!!

This morning I had some greek yogurt, banana, powdered peanut butter with some granola and some scrambled egg with light laughing cow cheese.

Even though I'm still sick and was up half the night coughing I did a total body weight workout (second one this week).

Lunch was a slice of whole wheat bread with roasted tomatoes and cheese, an orange and some chocolate fish :)

I packed the peach muffin, a peach, coconut water and a chocolate protein drink for work.

I actually have tomorrow off so this is my Friday!!

Hope your having a great day/weekend


  1. You are such an excellent role model. Mmm, love your meals. And I adore coconut water, but don't have it often. (It's expensive!)

  2. Hope you are MUCH better soon Suzy!!! Take care.

  3. I love zico coconut water! It's not in the budget as of right now, but I can't wait toget some more. That is such a simple amount of items you packed for work. Good job! :)