Monday, September 19, 2011

O.k my bad luck is over, now!!

First I hurt my ankle and I'm beginning to think I may have a hairline fracture. I had one in the other foot and truly there's nothing you can do but wait until it heals  (which takes a long time). It still hurts at the end of an 8 hour shift. Makes it not so much fun for long walks or DVD workouts!!

Second I cut my finger very deep resulting in severing 2 tendons, a nerve and an artery! Still healing from that as well. The latest update is that they think I'll need to get some of my scar tissue removed :( Oh and I'm still exercising my finger every hour or at least every hour or so!!

Third I've caught some kind of bug. I have no voice and I really don't want to pass this on to anyone else.

These things have definitely put a crimp on my working out :(  But now I've had 3 things so life should be rosy for the rest of the year, right!

Today I was going to get out on a walk but it's pouring out so instead I'm going to do some yoga and a Richard Simmons DVD.

At least I've made really good choices as far as food goes. And I've been drinking lots of water as well.

Breakfast was some tomato/cheese/onion mini quiches with grapefruit and coffee :) Got me started on the right foot!! Funny no matter how sick I am I very rarely lose my appetite.


  1. Oh man, I wish I could have breakfast with you. Your food always looks so good.

    Ok, I hope this is the final and third thing in your bad luck streak. :(

  2. Yes, this needs to be the end of the bad luck. :) I only lose my appetite if I have a stomach bug or the flu. Otherwise, I'm ready to eat!

  3. NO fun! OK, enough of the bad stuff - and on to good stuff! Healing vibes to you! ((( hugs )))

  4. If I lose my appetite - it has a way of finding me!
    Get well, SS!