Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday :)

I could not think of a title today :)

I still don't have much of a voice! But other than that I don't feel bad, keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get worse.

Had to cancel my physio yesterday. It's at the hospital and they don't want people like me coming in with germs. Funny how I look forward to the therapy, the whirlpool, the ultra sound, the massage :)

Last night was crazy busy at work. And they moved all their machines to make way for an espresso machine that's coming soon. I honestly didn't know where to find the usual things all night. Felt like I'd finished a race by the end of my shift. Extra calories burned is not such a bad thing though.

This morning brekkie was simple but delish. An English muffin with home made pumpkin butter, a mango smoothie(I'll have the recipe on my other blog soon) and a cup of coffee.

Then I had to run to the store for a couple of things I was running out of. Never fails I always buy more than what I was planning to buy :)

I'm off to get ready for work! Hope your having a great weekend


  1. Yum! Have a successful day!

    Keep focused!

  2. Hi Suzy. Hope the shift wasn't too bad and that you have a great Sunday.