Thursday, October 20, 2011

30 Day Challenge day 4

Off to work this afternoon! For some reason I slept in so I made the chocolate banana and peanut butter protein pancakes my breakfast and lunch. I also bought chicken noodle soup and a bagel for dinner since I didn't have enough time to pack my dinner before work. Unfortunately exercise did not happen. Some days are like that!

Day 4

Water: 10 cups
Exercise: no
Sweeteners: only had 4
Crystal light: none
Wine: none
Food: not the best choices today

Breakfast: chocolate/peanut butter banana protein pancake with sugar free syrup, latte on the side

Lunch: slice of squirrelly bread with roasted tomato, light cheddar cheese and a latte on the side

At work: 1c almond breeze, whey protein, frozen peaches, raw almonds, veggies and a pumpkin muffin


  1. I wouldnt say those were "bad" choices at all!!

    but it's a new one :)
    we've gots us a cleanfoodslate :-)

  2. I think you rock!
    And your choices reflect your awesomeness!
    The prefect day for diet and work-outs?
    Doesn't exist! But we get pretty close!

  3. Yums! If I ever win the lottery, I'll hire you to live in my mansion and be my personal chef. Don't worry, you'll be well taken care of. ;)

  4. Damn Suzy, those pancakes look delicous. Hope your Friday has been a good one.