Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Question day better late than never :)

1. What is your favourite spice??

2. How many pillows do you sleep on?

3. Do you like cranberries??

4. Who makes the bed in your house?

5. Have you used a kettlebell??

Have fun with these :)


  1. I haven't been reading blogs much lately and came to check on you! I missed looking at your yummy healthy menus :)

    I will answer your Q's, too!
    1. cinnamon (boring, but true!)
    2. two
    3. yes! fresh and dried.
    4. no one? LOL! I never made my bed as a kid, and never when I grew up either. Seems like a waste since you just mess it up again! Of course I make it when I put on fresh sheets though. And I never made my kids make their beds either, unless company is coming!
    5. never :)

  2. I don't use a pillow.... it's better for my posture since I hurt my arm/shoulder. Took some getting used to!

    And I don't make my bed! If anyone ever comes over, I don't know what I'll do!
    Maybe try and distract them with kettlebells!

  3. Just back from vacation and so far behind on Blogs...
    4.Me,but now and then, the hubbie

  4. 1. Garlic

    2. I have 3, one keeps the other 2 from sliding under the headboard, one under my head and one to prop my arm on if I sleep on my tummy.

    3. No

    4. No one

    5. Nope, never laid a finger on one.

  5. 1. Curry or rosemary
    2. As many as I can get
    3. Depends what they are in
    4. ME
    5. Just to try it out. I want one soon! :)

  6. . cinnamon

    2. I sleep with my head on 2, I also hold one and put one under my chin and sometimes if I have a headache, I put one over my forehead & eyes LOL

    3. no cranberries

    4. I make the bed

    5. I haven't used a kettleball but it looks like something I would like!

    Have fun with these :)

  7. Cinnamon or red pepper


    No, ick

    Only only if hubby doesn't