Thursday, October 27, 2011

Works for me :)

So at least for a while I'm just going to take it one day at a time! One meal, one hour :) This I can do.

Today I started my day with a protein pancake with raspberries and sugar free maple syrup.

Then I had to run and get some groceries. I decided to take a walk on my way to the grocery store :)

Lunch was veggies, cheese and grapes.

I took a protein drink and I'm going to buy a low fat double berry muffin at work :)

And when I get home there will be a glass of wine waiting with my name on it!! Cheers


  1. Finally catching up on all my friends blog post's. As always, you have the best ideas to stay focused and your head in the right direction towards a healthier you. I need that motivation after vacation...gained 4 pounds!

  2. Your food looks great, Suzy. It is difficult to get through several days or even one day and keep to the plan. Taking it one meal at a time is what it takes sometimes. Good luck!

  3. Squirrel Girl!

    I really hope you're going out as a squirrel for Halloween.

  4. Yay - one day at a time - works for me too!

  5. One day at a time is a good thing. As is the bushiness of that squirrel's tail. So cute. Take care Suzy!!

  6. is it too early for me to be ready for my glass of wine too?