Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Monday!

Yes the breaking news is that it's Monday :)

Actually I love Monday's because that's the beginning of my weekend! Also means I get to go to my walking group. Not many doing it right now but wait till the bad weather and there's usually lots of people walking on the indoor track.

This morning I went to make a banana breakfast bake, unfortunately I had no bananas so I subbed some unsweetened apple sauce and it still came out pretty good. Of course the coffee I had with it helped to make me smile!

Before I met my walking group I stopped by to say hi to Jen at work who then hijacked me into going for a tea at Starbucks and since we hardly ever get out together I was more than happy to go :) I still got at least 30 minutes of walking in today.

I did pick up a veggie juice while I was at Thrive juice bar and I even asked for extra beets in it! I also took along some Irish Dubliner cheese for snacking on the bus.

Finally home only to find out Ralph biked all the way to the rec centre, walked for an hour then biked home. Some days just work out that way.

Dinner was a precooked turkey roast, broccoli, carrots with a touch of gravy and home made cranberry sauce no sugar. 

Now I'm off to try a new Innis & Gunn winter beer 2011 and throw a movie on.


  1. Love coffee soooo much - in the morning.. i can't wait to have some!