Thursday, November 24, 2011

My weekend's over!

It's back to work today! Yep, this is my Monday.

I think I'm slowly learning that getting healthy, getting fit does not have to be all or nothing! If you are a new reader you may not realize that I've had some bad luck for the past year with staying healthy.

First I sprained my ankle, which wouldn't be too bad if my job didn't involve standing on my feet 8 hours a day :(  So when I overdo things a bit it acts up. This week has been a great week but yesterday the food was aching a bit. So I've made the decision not to do my walking until Sunday which is my last day of work this week. When I'm not working I can walk like a mad man but I just have to be smart!

Second I had a bad accident with one of my fingers. I severed 2 tendons, an artery and a nerve. For that I spent 7 weeks in a splint at the same time going for therapy 2 times a week and I still worked.

Third about the time I was finally getting the splint off I came down with infected sinus' and bronchittis! I'm finished the antibiotics, the nasal spray and the inhaler but I still have a bit of the junk in my chest! I'm going to see how I am by next week and I may have to go back to the clinic :(

Every time something happens I stop doing what I know I need to do for my health. Well no more. Yes I'm not going to walk for a couple of days but I am going to do my weights and my core workouts. And I'm still going to eat healthy and drink my water. I'm still going to blog about my food because that helps to keep me on track. I'm not going anywhere :)

Today I started with a pumpkin muffin and a pumpkin pie smoothie.

After breakfast I did a core workout. Planks, bridges, crunches etc. Ouch!!

Lunch while not the healthiest fit into my plan and was an old comfort food. Fish sticks, fries and brussels sprouts.

Now I'm off to get ready for work. I'm going to have some chicken noodle soup at work and a whole wheat bun!

Hope you have a great day. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!!


  1. Looks like there is no where to go... but UP!
    At least we'll to there together!
    Food looks great, SS!
    Happy [non-American] Tgiving to you
    and your readers!

  2. I can understand your ankle pain. I have flat feet, and I have had ankle problems since childhood. I remember going to the ER after working all day as a cashier at age 16 because I was limping horribly and just had this awful pain in my ankle area! Of course it wasn't anything they could diagnose. I went to college and got a degree for a sitting job! Worked great for my ankles, but now I'm 50 lbs overweight! LOL Ya can't win for losing! Sounds like you've had a rough go of things recently. So sorry. Hope things turn around soon.