Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Question day!

1. Do you consider yourself a "foodie"?? If so what do you think that means?

2. Do use use butter??

3. Do you drink herbal teas?? What is your favourite?

4. Are you planning on exercising today?

5. Are you reading a book this week? Care to share??

Here are my answers because I admit I forget to answer some weeks :(

1. I am indeed a foodie! To me a foodie is someone who not only loves to eat food but loves to prep/cook/share food as well :)

2. Sometimes I use butter but not usually. I do have to say that I love an organic straight from the farm butter I get sometimes.

3. I do drink herbal teas. I really like a honey lemon one we have a work!

4. I plan on going for a walk plus doing some strength/weights.

5. Right now I'm reading Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven!

Can't wait to hear your answers


  1. Hi Suzi,
    I linked your blog on mine today...
    1. Well, I love food ... and I do love preparing it, but on my own terms ... like when I want to. I don't necessarily love it enough to prepare a whole meal for a group or anything!
    2. I use butter in cooking/baking - but I try to avoid saturated fats on/in my own food. I do have light margarine around but I hardly use that either. I use coconut oil sparingly - but usually put things like salsa on my veggies, potatoes etc.
    3. Yes. I have a whole cupboard full (too many) and I often try a new one (thus the cupboard full!) as an indulgence.
    4. Yes - flyer delivery and stretch bands.
    5. Am finishing up a not-so-exciting one - just got 2 new ones at the library last night though. It's hard to find a good one after finishing an amazing one...I just finished "Sarah's Key".
    Have a GREAT day! (stay warm!!)

  2. 1. I think I am a foodie because I care about what I eat and I feed my body.
    2. light butter
    3. Spice tea with Mulling spice
    4. Already walked four miles outside this morning and hope to do a two mile dvd indoors while dressing is cooking.
    5. NO, sorry!

  3. 1. I think of myself as a "foodie" because I love to eat and I'm not picky. :)

    2. I sometimes use butter but mostly use grape seed oil or olive oil.

    3. Do you drink herbal teas?? What is your favourite? I alternate between two favorite herbal teas. The first is Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy herbal tea and the other is Organic India's Tulsi tea. Both are really good.

    4. Are you planning on exercising today? Yes, heading out for my three mile walk before it gets hot. Supposed to be 80 degrees today.

    5. Are you reading a book this week? Care to share?? I'm reading another Dean Koontz book called Seize the Night.

  4. I am turning into a foodie.... cuz I love it, and they get to play with cool gadgets.
    I eat butter. Real grass-fed cow butter. And I love it! I eat it - just like that - every day. And cook with it.

  5. I love food and it is visually attractive to me when it is prepared well but I don't think I'm a foodie in that I don't like to cook all that much. It is more a utilitarian thing for me. I do have my favorite types of food though.

    I wont be exercising today except for what I will be doing to prepare for tomorrow. Lots of chopping to do for the stuffing etc. I have pies in the oven now and I'm defrosting the turkey. I guess I could spend a few minutes on the treadmill but to be honest, I'm not at all motivated.

    I do drink herbal teas sometimes but my favorite tea is Twinnings English Breakfast tea. I could actually go for a cup of that right now.

    We use margarine, canola oil and olive oil for cooking. I use the olive oil for most everything but I do like my eggs in margarine. It gives them a little more flavor. I guess I could use butter flavored Pam but I just love my eggs scrambled with a little margarine.

    Sorry these are not in order. My memory is not so good these days and I had to keep looking back to see what the questions were.

  6. Hi Suzy! LOVE the kitty ears! Here are my answers.
    1) I'm not sure if I love the term "foodie" (just because I used to work with someone pretentious who was a self proclaimed "foodie" and his pompous spewing and know it all attitude about food/restaurants used to be really, really annoying) but I guess I am one, because I love to prepare it, plan menus, read cookbooks like novels, try new things (and when I visit somewhere, a trip to the grocery store there for different things is always on the agenda)
    2) I use butter in moderation (and not often)
    3) Hmm...not really crazy about herbal teas. Wish I was
    4) Not today, but did yesterday and will tomorrow.
    5) I'm reading the new issue of Bon Appetite. Does that count? No?
    Have a great Wed.