Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Question day!

Welcome to question day, can't wait to read your answers!

1. What is your favourite cold weather soup??

2. What is your favourite holiday drink? Do you like eggnog?

3. What are you doing today to get you closer to your goal??

4. Do you dread going to parties or look forward to them?

5. Do you sometimes just take a day or two off from healthy living?

My answers:

1. split pea and ham
2. I love the holiday teas. Candy cane lane, Eggnogg'n etc
3. Drinking more water I've been slacking on that this week
4. Probably a mixture of both
5. I do and I wish I didn't


  1. 1. Potato soup
    2. I don't really have one, but I do like to sip eggnog occasionally
    3. Same as I have done the previous 103 days, record everything I eat, keep under 1600 calories and exercise
    4. At the moment, dread them. I don't have the will power to resist food when it is placed directly in front of me and available.
    5. Not in the last 103 days. I work too hard to lose each pound to see it return because of a break. I like this saying:
    "Never pay for the same ground twice" -- Gen. George S. Patton
    I know it is a military quote, but it appeals to me in regards to weight loss. I do not want to work to lose something I had already worked to lose.

  2. 1. Pasta Fagioli, hands down!
    2. Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante. No, don't like the taste of eggnog.
    3. As far as weight...more water, less calories
    4. Look forward to them.
    5. Maybe a meal, but never a whole day.

  3. I never break m own rules... I sorta kinda bend them. WAY back sometimes. But I'm learning to do better!
    Love Question Day!

  4. 1. Cream based clam chowder but I haven't had it a long, long time.

    2. I love eggnog but do not drink it anymore. Also love fruitcake (yeah, I'm one of those) but don't eat it anymore either. It's easier to not taste than to deal with wanting more. More is never enough.

    3. Sticking with the basics. Staying within my points range, drinking water, and exercising.

    4. Depends on the party and who is attending. Oh, and if it is mandatory. Hate that.

    5. I sometimes have things to eat that I know I shouldn't but I record them and go on. I haven't had a total day "off plan" in a long time.

  5. Split pea and ham, or navy bean and ham

    Love love love eggnog, but toooo rich so I dont drinkit

    All the right things, or trying to :p


    No!!! Too much damage can happen in an entire day

  6. 1. Potato Soup
    2. I love Egg Nog with a little (more) rum in it.
    I'm trying to not go crazy with eating lots of goodies, but it's been quite the challenge.

    Trying to help a friend who started a new blog. Check it out!

  7. 1. Split pea soup :)

    2. Egg Nog (or now I drink Holly Nog)

    3. Biking everywhere. Day off means catching up on errands.

    4. Look forward to them. And now that I'm steering clear of milk products it's a lot easier for me to not eat while at them.

    5. Yes! I eat relatively healthy, but sometimes you need a treat!

    NSV today....biking past McDonalds and gagging at the food is no longer a craving for me :)

  8. Oh I love this!
    1. Turkish lentil soup
    2. I like hot cocoa in the winter (sorta holiday)
    3. Tomorrow I get pre-op labwork for VSG.
    4. I always dread them, but then have fun.
    5. Oh yea!