Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still alive (thank goodness)

I've just finished my fourth day at work and the only things I actually managed to do was sleep/eat/work! Absolutely nothing else :(

I really need to get my old mojo back.

However, I'm not just going to sit back and wait for it, I'm going to do my best to do everything I need to get it back.

So I already have tomorrow's food planned, I have tomorrow's exercise planned and I'm going to have a fantastic day no matter what the weather :)

I'll be back to let you know how it goes.


  1. Here's me, *dancing!*
    I have plenty of MoJo!
    I'll send you some!
    So glad you are better!

  2. Workin long hours?? Ditto :)

    We need to take care of ourselves this time of year!! The shoppers can get agressive, we need to be in fighting shape.... Lol


  3. Working long hours will take everything you got. Your mojo is just napping. It will wake up soon. Take care.

  4. Hope your back to your old self soon. Sorry you have been out of sorts.