Monday, November 28, 2011

stuffing envelopes and shopping!

I started today with a whole wheat english muffin topped with light cream cheese and roasted tomatoes. I had a low sugar glass of oj on the side. Of course I also had a cup of coffee!

Then I was off to get a new bus pass for December. No car means I use the bus all the time :) After I got the bus pass I went to do some volunteer envelope stuffing.

I took along some veggies, berries and a protein drink! Thankfully it kept me full until I got home because as soon as I got home I was off on a bus to the mall. I wanted to find a phone cover and we had some movies to pick up. Update: no phone cover found but we did get some movies.

Definitely got a lot of walking in today. I walked for at least an hour.

Dinner tonight was a light smoked sausage, baked fries, baked beans and green beans. That is what I was going to have however we decided to eat at the mall! After a lot of thinking I decided to have a falafel salad plate with no dressing and a bottle of water. No picture since I forgot to take my camera.

How was your day??


  1. Is that a jalapeno pepper? Brave you!
    Looks yum!

  2. I don't think I have ever had jalapenos for breakfast!

    Both my husband and I work at home, so we just have one car. The bus actually picks up right outside our house, but it doesn't run very late in our small town.

  3. Hope this works, blogger is being weird tonight
    Looks yummo :)
    Love jalapenos!!!

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