Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two good days in a row!

That's right I woke up again today with the attitude that today was going to be another great day! I felt so good last night after eating well, doing some weights and moving more that I just had to do it again today :)

Today started with protein pancakes with a warm berry sauce and a cup of chai tea latte on the side.

Okay I wasn't exactly smiling ear to ear when I climbed the stairs to my workout room(little sore from yesterday), but I did make my way up there to do some of these:
  • two hand roll downs
  • holding balance 
  • easy ab crunches
  • bridge
  • knee planks
  • chest lifts
I love wearing these while I exercise as well as my cordless mp3!
When I came downstairs I found out the water was off! No coffee, no flushing toilet, nada, nothing!!!!!

It finally came back on and all I have to say it's good I finally got a coffee or lives may have been at risk :)

Lunch was some roasted red pepper dip, roasted tomatoes, peppers, avocado on small toasts(1 slice D'Italiano sliced thinly in half and cut 1/4's) with an orange on the side.

I also went on another walk but this time I did intervals! I really worked hard and I could feel the sweat after.

Look what was waiting for me when I got home. I'm having one right now! Thanks Anne
Hubs is craving pizza so that's exactly what we're having. Nothing fancy just pepperoni and cheese. 

A glass of wine, a movie and I'm going to call it a great day :)


  1. Your day sounds wonderful. I hope tomorrow is just the same and you enjoy it as much.

  2. I'm so glad Anne found your tea. I looked at almost all the stores here and found nothing. I called another two and they said their supplier had changed and it wasn't available.

  3. It all looks soooo good! And your awesome, energetic shoes and work out room is just great!

  4. Hi Suzy. What a fantastic looking day. LOVE those shoes!!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  5. We have an espresso machine at work now! You'll have to pop by for a drink sometime ;)