Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Question Day!

For new readers once a week I post a few questions. Feel free to answer and please stick around and read others answers! It has been a bit quiet over the holidays so I'm hoping it will get busier again here on Question day :)

Now for this weeks questions:

1. How did your Christmas go?  Did you get what you wished for??
2. Are you still/back on your healthy eating/exercising plan?
3. What was the best thing you ate over the holiday? (the picture above was one of my favourites, eggnog protein waffles)
4. What was the worst thing you ate over the holiday??
5. Are you planning on making New Years resolutions?

Have fun with these! I'll be back to post my answers later.


  1. Wonderful :)
    Yes sir eee!!
    Pecan pie
    Pecan pie :p
    More running, I want to do a half marathon in 2012

  2. Since my diet is do rich, I don't really have to cheat much for the special times... Except maybe a candied apple now and then...

  3. 1. The holidays were great. I got lots of good stuff, but didn't really wish for anything material, so it was good!

    2. I'm focusing on returning to a healthy lifestyle!

    3. Stuffing/dressing. YUMMY good. Healthy? I ate mostly veggies (plus the stuffing)christmas day!

    4. FRENCH FRIES....taste good....fattening!

    5. Not really New years Resolutions...but just New years marks my kick off for being super healthy...because it marks the end of the holidays and family get togethers!