Thursday, December 22, 2011

So how are things going??

I can answer that question by telling you about my day today!

First I started by drinking 2 cups of water and used my new water bottle.

Then I made a protein smoothie made with almond breeze, protein, banana and maca, 2T of Liberte kefir (it really helps the tummy). I used my new measuring spoons, sounds funny but they motivate me to measure more.

I'm loving my Keurig. Today's pick is Green Mountain gingerbread with a shot of warm Vitasoy mint chocolate! Yes a peppermint mocha it was.

O.k now I was ready for action!! Well at least for a  45 minute walk.

Even my nails are in the Christmas spirit :) (sorry abut the middle finger it's the injured one and I can't bend it)

Lunch: I had an English muffin with egg substitute, bacon, a cheese slice and some oj

Dinner: Stuffed pepper soup, clementines and a glass of wine (I'll post the recipe tomorrow,  not for the wine but the soup)

I also drank 2 green teas today.

I give myself an A+ for today :)

How was your day??


  1. Looks like a great day - no one home here and I need to eat something for dinner - maybe a smoothie??! Thanks for the idea! (dinner is made but it's not GF)
    Love your nails! :)

  2. I love your measuring spoons. Very nice and your food always looks and sounds good. Merry Christmas. :)

  3. Love you nails - and the little squirrel!

  4. Okay, where did you get those measuring spoons. They are fabulous. :) Karen P

  5. So whats so great about this coffee maker? Yours the second blog that I have read about this new fangled thingy :)

  6. Wish I was at your house yesterday! LOL That coffee sounds so good. :)

    Is that a Bobble water bottle?

    Love getting new measuring spoons and cups! Just got some about two months ago. You're right; it does make you want to measure more! :)

  7. OH Suzy, I laughed out loud at the middle finger comment. Hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL festive season.

  8. I seriously need to come and visit you one day because your views on your walks are beautiful!

  9. Thank you! You'd be welcome any time!