Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekly update

I've decided to make Friday's my weigh in days so on Fridays I'll post how the week went. The good the bad and the ugly :)

Since this was the week of Christmas I'm very happy with how it went.

Gain or loss this week: -2.6lbs
Exercise: 5 days
Friday- none
Saturday-walk 45 minutes
Sunday- Bike ride- 40 minutes
Monday-30 minute walk
Wednesday-40 minute interval walking
Thursday-70 minute walk

1. Workout at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes or 150 minutes? Yes I worked out 5 days and exercised for 225 minutes :)
2. Journal daily? yes I kept track with online WW's
3. Blog daily? I thought I did but when I checked I think I missed Tuesday!! Oh well
4. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day?? I aced this one

How would I describe this passed week?? While there was some room for improvement I was really pleased with this week. I'm pushing myself to do more exercise wise and it's really feeling good (well except for the sore butt)

What are my goals for the coming week?
I will do the 4 goals that I set for this week plus I'm going to put a new one in: Not eating after dinner!

How about you, do you set daily/weekly/monthly goals??

O.k now back to today :) Today is my day to do weights. I figured out a routine last night so I'd have no excuses not to pick up the weights. Here's what I did:

Bicep curls
cross body hammer curls
plie squat with tricep extension
shoulder press
chest press

And then I went for a walk! I'd only planned to do weights but the weather was great and my Garmin was calling so off I went on a 45 minute interval walk and I worked HARD!! Actually it works out well because I'm supposed to do an interval walk tomorrow but I'm back to work and start early so it would have been hard to get it in.

Today's nosh:
Breakfast:chocolate peanut milkshake: 1/2c 1% cottage cheese, 1 scoop vanilla protein (I only have vanilla) 2Tbsp cocoa, 10g peanut flour(I didn't put ice in because Ralph is sick in bed and I didn't want to wake him crushing ice it would have made more if I'd added it) Kefir and light 1/2&1/2 for coffee 2Tbsp

Lunch: Whole wheat english muffin, cheese slice, tomato, lettuce, egg and a glass of low carb oj on the side.
Snack: Eggnoggin' tea latte and a home made gingerbread cliff bar these are absolutely delicious !!

Dinner: Leftover split pea soup and stewed rhubarb no sugar (doesn't look like much but it was mighty tasty)

Back to work tomorrow :( I've loved being home and hanging out with my favourite guy!!


    you are a woman on fire!
    Ring out the old year -with a bang!!
    Happy New Year, dear SS!!

  2. Great going, Suzy! You are putting me to shame! I need to get my butt moving. Super job!

  3. Lots of snow there. No snow here, a non-white Christmas and New Year for us Chicago folk. We do have plenty of squrrels though, plenty!

  4. Just added those bars to my recipes. Happy New Year to you and your family. :)

  5. What an awesome week you've had! Or how about an awesome month! And thanks for being a good #back2basics buddy on twitter! I haven't come up with any new goals for January... just want to keep doing what I'm doing! And I got a new fitbit ultra for Christmas, and it creates goals for me, like calories burned, steps, etc! It's awesome! Happy New Year!