Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No sweaty walk/run!

Wow we went from freezing to sweating in one week!! Well I love the hotter weather as long as the sun is shining  :)

I was hoping to go for a sweaty walk/run today but my ankle is sore from doing jumping jacks! No fear I'll baby it for a while and then back to walking/running!

Today I made my egg muffins/quiches with a side of grapefruit. I needed some fuel for my exercise.

Before going out to meet friends for coffee I ate some leftover veggie salad, goat cheese and some soft serve banana with raspberries and a few carob chips!!
Snack of almonds

Ralph is once again in charge of the bbq and tonight he's making stuffed portobello mushrooms on a bun with a side of salad, an apricot and a couple of bud light lime beers. My favourite portobello recipe is from here

Tomorrow Ralph and I are going to see the play Hairspray I'm so excited!
Update: had 3 small scotchies (pretty small butterscotch cookies) added the points and I'm still going strong!

Monday, May 30, 2011


I know my titles are so original :)

Had an amazing breakfast today with greek yoghurt, organic raspberries, honey and Love Grown cocoa goodness granola!

I actually was busy and forgot I hadn't eaten lunch so I grabbed a mango matcha green tea protein smoothie and a mango muffin :) Yummyfication!
Snack: natural almonds

O.k I'm sorry but I just have to say this was one of the best dinners evah!! Beef tenderloin lovingly bbq'd by the hubs, veggies with newman's own balsamic dressing, mushrooms and a glass of YellowTail shiraz wine.

I sat outside today to plan menu's and just enjoy the nice breeze (don't mind the red at my hairline I just dyed my hair)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Makes me smile

Just the very simple things sometimes just make me smile and make my day!

New weekly challenge!!

This weeks challenge is going to be to state some weekly goals and to do them!

These are my goals for this week:
1. Stay within my weight watcher points!
2. To make a plan for eating at a mall that I'm going to
3. To drink 8 cups of water (at least) every day this week
4. I'm starting a 5K in 100 days this week and I will do it!! It's being done through twitter here

What are your goals for this week??

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So much to do....

and so little time!!

I honestly felt a bit over whelmed this week. Blog posts, twitter, work, trying to stay on track with my eating, keeping up with the house, and just life in general.

But I think I've figured out a solution. I used to worry about not knowing what I missed on twitter but now I just join in when I can. I'm going to enjoy my blogging again and not worry if I don't get a great post out each and every time.

I have a plan and I want to stick to it. Not perfectly by any means because I'm definitely not perfect, but stick to it through the good and bad days.

I'm also starting a 100 day to 5K program. I will let you know how that goes.

Today started with oats with chia seeds, banana and walnuts and a splash of skim evaporated milk :) Oh and a coffee on the side. 5pts

For lunch I made a salad with goat cheese and beets with some leftover roast pork, newmans light balsamic dressing, cherries and a muffin. 9 pts

I'm taking a mango protein shake, almonds and a bran bar to work 12 pts

Calling all fellow challengers :)

How did the challenge of having one fruit or vegetable with each meal go??

I have to say that during a regular week I have this challenge with no problems, this week? I had problems. That's the way it goes sometimes. Today I definitely have loads of fruits and vegetables on my menu!

I'm really going to have to check every now and then to make sure I'm keeping fruits and veggies in my daily plan.

Tomorrow a new challenge will be posted!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back to routine today!

Yes I'm back to planning my meals, because not planning them really doesn't work for me!

It's back to work for me today! Just hope the customers are a bit nicer this week.

This morning: scrambled egg with laughing cow light cheese. Smoothie: frozen berries, water, chia seeds, matcha, maca and whey protein powder!

Lunch: veggies, cheese quisadilla, raspberries and a blueberry cream muffin

At work: protein shake and almonds

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Question day!

Have fun with these:

1. Do you own a heart rate/calorie burn monitor? Do you like it?

2. What is your favorite bread, if you eat bread??

3. Do you still eat hot foods such as oats/chili/soups in the hot weather?

4. What do you find is the hardest part of staying on your weight loss/healthy plan??

5. What is your favorite breakfast?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sorry for not being around today....

But I spent the day cleaning everything!! The house really does look good so far. Now all I need to do is my cupboards. That's going to take me at least another day.

I've also started to pack up my daughters things so that when she moves into her house next month she'll take all of here things from here with her! I really want to make that room my computer/workout room.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in the afternoon and another one in the evening. There goes my day. Especially since I take the bus there and back. Oh well at lest Wednesday I have nothing planned. Maybe I'll be able to get out on my bike if the weather improves.

I have to tell you that work this weekend saw some of the strangest people I've ever seen! Hopefully it was just because it was a long weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend and that your week will be even better.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New weekly challenge!!

This weeks challenge is to eat at least one vegetable or fruit with every meal or snack!!

For some this is an easy peasy challenge! But for some of us it will help us eat more fruits and veggies.

Are you with me this week?? We're going to have fun! Please feel free to let us know how your doing with the challenge.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Calling all fellow challengers :)

This weeks challenge was to find little ways to add in some extra exercise! How did you do??

For me I would stop and do some squats, or I would stand up and do some jumping jacks. I even stopped and did some planks. I actually had fun doing this weeks challenge.

Will you keep doing it after this week? I think I will :)

Tomorrow I will post the new weekly challenge!

Hope your having a great weekend

Friday, May 20, 2011

A drive by post!

Yesterday I hurt my ankle when I was doing jumping jacks!! It's feeling a bit better today but I'm about to go stand on it for 8 hours :(

Really didn't feel good this morning so I went back to bed!

I did manage to make Rocco Dispirito's banana walnut muffins which were pretty good

And now I'm off to work.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yum yum!

I made Rocky Road oatmeal this morning :) Well I had to use the multi coloured marshmallows because I couldn't find mini white ones anywhere!!  It was really good anyway.

It's back to work today :(

All morning I've been stopping to do jumping jacks and when I went to the bathroom I stopped and did 10 squats! How are you adding some more exercise to your day??

Lunch was an omelet with goat cheese and spinach, grapefruit, guiltless chili lime tortilla chips with some homemade mango salsa.

For work I packed up a mango peach lassie with protein and matcha, veggies, cheese and almonds and 2 double chocolate cookies

Hope your having a good day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When is the nice weather coming??

I really want to see some sunny weather!! Warm preferably :)

Breakfast today: protein waffles with banana, walnuts and sf syrup -8 pts

I made some double chocolate healthy cookies and had one with my lunch and well as some beet, goat cheese, blackberry salad-7pts

Dinner was a bowl of white bean, kale and parmesan soup with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich-14 pts

Total pts used-29 pts

Went on a nice 60 minute walk/run! Still no sun though :(

Question day once again!!

Hope you enjoy answering and reading others answers!

1. What are you doing today just for you?

2. What has made you smile lately?

3. Do you have pets?? How many?

4. What was the last vegetable you ate?

5. What was the last recipe you tried that was a flop?

As always have fun with these and take time to read some of the other comments :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That was fun!

Met my daughter where she works Thrive juice bar. They sell some very interesting juices and vegan/vegetarian/raw foods. Next time I'm going for lunch :)

Today I chose a green juice! So much great stuff in one drink. Hard to read but it had kale, pear, apple, spinach, lemon and spirulina. Very good.
Tonights dinner: bbq'd pork tenderloin, mashed butternut squash and gravy. I had a light beer on the side. Anti-gravity flying monkeys :)