Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Question day!

Welcome to question day, can't wait to read your answers!

1. What is your favourite cold weather soup??

2. What is your favourite holiday drink? Do you like eggnog?

3. What are you doing today to get you closer to your goal??

4. Do you dread going to parties or look forward to them?

5. Do you sometimes just take a day or two off from healthy living?

My answers:

1. split pea and ham
2. I love the holiday teas. Candy cane lane, Eggnogg'n etc
3. Drinking more water I've been slacking on that this week
4. Probably a mixture of both
5. I do and I wish I didn't

Monday, November 28, 2011

stuffing envelopes and shopping!

I started today with a whole wheat english muffin topped with light cream cheese and roasted tomatoes. I had a low sugar glass of oj on the side. Of course I also had a cup of coffee!

Then I was off to get a new bus pass for December. No car means I use the bus all the time :) After I got the bus pass I went to do some volunteer envelope stuffing.

I took along some veggies, berries and a protein drink! Thankfully it kept me full until I got home because as soon as I got home I was off on a bus to the mall. I wanted to find a phone cover and we had some movies to pick up. Update: no phone cover found but we did get some movies.

Definitely got a lot of walking in today. I walked for at least an hour.

Dinner tonight was a light smoked sausage, baked fries, baked beans and green beans. That is what I was going to have however we decided to eat at the mall! After a lot of thinking I decided to have a falafel salad plate with no dressing and a bottle of water. No picture since I forgot to take my camera.

How was your day??

It's Monday!

Yes the breaking news is that it's Monday :)

Actually I love Monday's because that's the beginning of my weekend! Also means I get to go to my walking group. Not many doing it right now but wait till the bad weather and there's usually lots of people walking on the indoor track.

This morning I went to make a banana breakfast bake, unfortunately I had no bananas so I subbed some unsweetened apple sauce and it still came out pretty good. Of course the coffee I had with it helped to make me smile!

Before I met my walking group I stopped by to say hi to Jen at work who then hijacked me into going for a tea at Starbucks and since we hardly ever get out together I was more than happy to go :) I still got at least 30 minutes of walking in today.

I did pick up a veggie juice while I was at Thrive juice bar and I even asked for extra beets in it! I also took along some Irish Dubliner cheese for snacking on the bus.

Finally home only to find out Ralph biked all the way to the rec centre, walked for an hour then biked home. Some days just work out that way.

Dinner was a precooked turkey roast, broccoli, carrots with a touch of gravy and home made cranberry sauce no sugar. 

Now I'm off to try a new Innis & Gunn winter beer 2011 and throw a movie on.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I am not missing :)

I promise I'm not missing!

But I am absolutely crazy at work and it just gets crazier until after Christmas.

I also finally went out and got a new phone. I ended up getting an Android which is awesome yet totally frustrating to try and figure how to use it. I won't tell you how long it took me to figure how to make a call never mind to text or get online :)

I just finished putting all my contacts on the phone and now my fingers are aching!

I will try to get a regular post up either Sunday or Monday.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are having an awesome weekend

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My weekend's over!

It's back to work today! Yep, this is my Monday.

I think I'm slowly learning that getting healthy, getting fit does not have to be all or nothing! If you are a new reader you may not realize that I've had some bad luck for the past year with staying healthy.

First I sprained my ankle, which wouldn't be too bad if my job didn't involve standing on my feet 8 hours a day :(  So when I overdo things a bit it acts up. This week has been a great week but yesterday the food was aching a bit. So I've made the decision not to do my walking until Sunday which is my last day of work this week. When I'm not working I can walk like a mad man but I just have to be smart!

Second I had a bad accident with one of my fingers. I severed 2 tendons, an artery and a nerve. For that I spent 7 weeks in a splint at the same time going for therapy 2 times a week and I still worked.

Third about the time I was finally getting the splint off I came down with infected sinus' and bronchittis! I'm finished the antibiotics, the nasal spray and the inhaler but I still have a bit of the junk in my chest! I'm going to see how I am by next week and I may have to go back to the clinic :(

Every time something happens I stop doing what I know I need to do for my health. Well no more. Yes I'm not going to walk for a couple of days but I am going to do my weights and my core workouts. And I'm still going to eat healthy and drink my water. I'm still going to blog about my food because that helps to keep me on track. I'm not going anywhere :)

Today I started with a pumpkin muffin and a pumpkin pie smoothie.

After breakfast I did a core workout. Planks, bridges, crunches etc. Ouch!!

Lunch while not the healthiest fit into my plan and was an old comfort food. Fish sticks, fries and brussels sprouts.

Now I'm off to get ready for work. I'm going to have some chicken noodle soup at work and a whole wheat bun!

Hope you have a great day. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my American friends Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Making do with what I have!

I'm trying to use up things in my fridge/cupboards/freezer! Still eating pretty healthy but at least I'll have room for things when I go grocery shopping on Friday :)

Today started with some Greek yogurt topped with a pumpkin muffin, some home made blueberry jam and some almonds.

Mid morning I was craving skinny eggnogg'n tea latte :) Oh my!

Lunch was an egg McSuzi with some avocado and a side of stewed rhubarb.

Then it was upstairs to do a weight workout. I swear I'm feeling every muscle every time I move.

I was going to go on another walk today because it was nice and sunny but the foot was aching a bit so instead I went to the mall and did some looking around for Christmas shopping :)

Dinner was 2 La tortillas low carb with smoked mackerel, lettuce, roasted tomatoes, hot peppers and a side of baby carrots with a habenero pepper glaze! Weird but oh so good.

Now I'm going to go chill for the rest of the night.

Question day!

1. Do you consider yourself a "foodie"?? If so what do you think that means?

2. Do use use butter??

3. Do you drink herbal teas?? What is your favourite?

4. Are you planning on exercising today?

5. Are you reading a book this week? Care to share??

Here are my answers because I admit I forget to answer some weeks :(

1. I am indeed a foodie! To me a foodie is someone who not only loves to eat food but loves to prep/cook/share food as well :)

2. Sometimes I use butter but not usually. I do have to say that I love an organic straight from the farm butter I get sometimes.

3. I do drink herbal teas. I really like a honey lemon one we have a work!

4. I plan on going for a walk plus doing some strength/weights.

5. Right now I'm reading Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven!

Can't wait to hear your answers

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two good days in a row!

That's right I woke up again today with the attitude that today was going to be another great day! I felt so good last night after eating well, doing some weights and moving more that I just had to do it again today :)

Today started with protein pancakes with a warm berry sauce and a cup of chai tea latte on the side.

Okay I wasn't exactly smiling ear to ear when I climbed the stairs to my workout room(little sore from yesterday), but I did make my way up there to do some of these:
  • two hand roll downs
  • holding balance 
  • easy ab crunches
  • bridge
  • knee planks
  • chest lifts
I love wearing these while I exercise as well as my cordless mp3!
When I came downstairs I found out the water was off! No coffee, no flushing toilet, nada, nothing!!!!!

It finally came back on and all I have to say it's good I finally got a coffee or lives may have been at risk :)

Lunch was some roasted red pepper dip, roasted tomatoes, peppers, avocado on small toasts(1 slice D'Italiano sliced thinly in half and cut 1/4's) with an orange on the side.

I also went on another walk but this time I did intervals! I really worked hard and I could feel the sweat after.

Look what was waiting for me when I got home. I'm having one right now! Thanks Anne
Hubs is craving pizza so that's exactly what we're having. Nothing fancy just pepperoni and cheese. 

A glass of wine, a movie and I'm going to call it a great day :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to the grind!

I was very optimistic when I woke up this morning. I really wanted to eat well, exercise, get a walk in and have fun!! Even though I'm not feeling 100% I still did what I needed to do :)

I started with pumpkin/cranberry oats with an egg white stirred in for some protein.  I also had a matcha green tea latte on the side. Yummo

I started my exercise today with 3 sets of these:

  • squats x 12
  • chest press x 12
  • bent over rows x 12
  • bicep curls with a twist x 12
  • tricep kickbacks with a twist x 12
  • shoulder shrugs x 12

Lunch was an omelet filled with peppers and onions with a cup of Bolthouse Green Goodness on the side. Forgot to show the green goodness but don't worry it looks like sludge but it taste fantastic :)

Second part of my exercise today was to go on a walk even though it was cold enough to freeze my toes!

Hang on little guys!!
Dinner tonight is going to be hamburgers and a movie!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still alive (thank goodness)

I've just finished my fourth day at work and the only things I actually managed to do was sleep/eat/work! Absolutely nothing else :(

I really need to get my old mojo back.

However, I'm not just going to sit back and wait for it, I'm going to do my best to do everything I need to get it back.

So I already have tomorrow's food planned, I have tomorrow's exercise planned and I'm going to have a fantastic day no matter what the weather :)

I'll be back to let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I just lost a day!

I got zero accomplished today!

I spent the day either sleeping or sitting on the toilet :( sorry about the tmi

Hoping tomorrow will be a lot better.

Question day

Have fun with these :) (This is one of my favourite photo's)

1. Do you try to eat a certain fat/carb/protein ratio? Do you try to eat less carbs?? Do you worry about what kinds of fat you eat??

2. Do you worry about how many fruits you eat or do you think of them as a great way to get some extra vitamin C etc ?

3. What have/are you doing to make you physically stronger this week??

4. Do you wear make up?

5. How is your week going?? Any new recipes? New ideas??

Can't wait to hear your answers!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wonderful talent show!

I had one of my favourite breakfasts today!  Individual egg quiches. With bacon, Irish cheese, some
broccoli and grapefruit on the side.

I needed the energy because I had a talent show to go to :)

Once a year I help to plan the talent show, and what a wonderful show it was today! And the the baked goods were amazing, although I didn't have any. I took the fruit platter that was empty by the time I went home.
Look and the wonderful art!
We all had fun!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I managed to get home just as it started to rain!

For some reason  I didn't sleep well last night. I have to admit I love my sleep and when it isn't a quality sleep I really feel blah :(

Oh well I decided I was going to have a great day! I made the decision not to meet up with my walking group because me foot was very tender after finishing work this weekend and I didn't want to aggravate it. That means that I'll stick to squats, weights and some slow walking shorter distances.

Started the day with oatmeal with an egg white stirred in at the end, coconut butter, home made blueberry butter (no sugar) and slivered almonds.

Had a couple of meetings to go to so I packed some food to take with me. Pickled green beans, mushrooms and tomatoes. Some roasted red pepper dip with some Ace crisp bread and some grapes.

After the meetings I had a chance to pop into Starbucks to pick up some holiday coffee grounds! That always puts me into a great mood (or else the caffeine does).

It started to rain on my way home but I managed not to get wet! Good karma :)

Last month my daughter signed me up for a monthly box from Glymm. Today my first box came and I was very pleased with it. They give you some upscale beauty samples and some full sized ones :) They even added a small jar with a pink sweet label on it with jelly beans in it. Yes I had one.

Anne has convinced me I should be eating more fish so we had salmon for dinner tonight along with green beans and some curried lentils with rice.

Now I'm going to sit on the couch and relax for the rest of the night! I have a talent show I'm going to help organize tomorrow!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's so good to sit on my butt and rest for a change!

Crazy, crazy weekend at work!! Very busy and I swear I never stopped moving on my feet. When I got off of work at 2 this afternoon I was dead on my feet. But before I glued my butt to the couch I did manage to stop at the grocery store and pick up a few beauties :)

So that I wouldn't be tempted to buy a breakfast sandwich at work I made one before I went to work with a few berries on the side and of course a cup of high test coffee.

Tonight was a hamburger with no bun, some home made carrot salad a gorgeous tomato and a glass of wine!

Tomorrow is going to be full of meetings. And that's just the beginning of my "weekend". Tuesday is going to be a talent show for the people I volunteer with :) To stop any temptation that I may have from the baked goodies I'm going to be taking a fruit platter.

Have a great night!