Friday, January 27, 2012

Grocery day and work

I had to get up a little earlier today so that I could get some grocery shopping done before I went to work. This is what was outside my window :)

First I drank 3 cups of water.

Then I made brekkie: egg substitute omelet, bacon, spinach, 1 tsp butter, 1 slice of toast topped with a tbsp of home made lemon curd. I had my kefir and coffee with 1 tbsp light 1/2 & 1/2.

I love these spinach nuggets! So easy to take out just the amount I need.

Then off to pick up groceries.  After putting away the groceries I was getting a bit  hungry so I grabbed some veggies, cheese and dragon fruit. But first I downed another 3 cups of water :)

Next I grabbed a quick shower. I bought some sushi and seaweed salad to take to work tonight. Of course I'm going to grab a green tea with it. I also took another 3 cups of water to drink at work.

I've also planned on getting a medium mocha latte when I get to work. Hubby picked this up at the library for me but I'll have to wait for my knee to get a bit better.

 Tonight I've also planned on a glass of Yellow Tail white wine after work. Cheers!!


  1. I am going to try seaweed salad the next opportunity I get. I love Asian food and you can talk me into Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Thai almost any time. I haven't seen the spinach nuggets but what a great idea!

  2. Caron we ever meet up we are going to have a blast :)

  3. I love the way you always plan ahead. Winter land is beautiful there.

  4. I am SO going to look out for those spinach nuggets. I HATE when I only need half a pack of frozen spinach, and the other half just kinda 'thaws' and I end up throwing it away!! Thanks for the heads up that their out there. Have a great Friday!!!

  5. wish we would get some snow! Its waiting until I go back to work from maternity leave so that it will be inconvienent.

    Those spinach nuggets look perfect... I will have to look for them.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Ok you have a picture with cheese, cucmbers, tomatoes snap peas.... and what? I have never seen that white thing with the black seeds? I am very curious to what it is... looks yummy though I like trying new fruits and veggies.

  7. I tried yoga... from a YouTube video..
    Fell asleep on the mat!
    Not once, but twice!
    Your food looks like a magazine, btw!

  8. The Girl with the Dragon Fruit Tray....
    or maybe
    Spunky Sushi!

  9. Yep. What Anne said. Dragon Fruit!!!