Thursday, January 26, 2012


O.k my good blog pal Karla wrote a great post yesterday regarding honesty. It made me stop and think.

Am I completely honest?? I do post pictures of my food. That keeps me honest. I feel that I'm honest. However, I usually post right after dinner and I do sometimes have a glass of wine, or some cheese or some popcorn occasionally and of course, because I've already posted for the day I don't worry about posting it.

That stops today.

From today on what you see on here is what I have done/eaten. I will update the post at the end of the day if I've had anything else.

I'm having an issue being able to work out lately. For a while it was my ankle that had been bothering me. That is feeling better now, thank goodness. Now my left knee is swollen and hurts like you know what.
So for the next few days when I'm standing on my feet for 8 hours at work I'm not going to be going on my walks. I need to heal. I'm doing what I need to do for me. I will pick up some weights. I will try to do some stretches as well. I'm really mad that I can't do what I want to do. But I will get as strong as I want to be!

So on with today :)

For breakfast this morning I made some oats with blueberries, some coconut butter, hulled hemp seeds and a tbsp of light 1/2 & 1/2 cream. I also had 2 Tbsp of Kefir(small container next to my oats) and 1 more Tbsp of light 1/2 & 1/2 for my coffee.

I've decided to stick to one cup of coffee a day. And I drank 3 cups of water before my coffee!
I refilled my starbucks cup and drank  another 3 cups after lunch :)
Lunch: Tortilla, ham and cheese, kiwi, cherry tomatoes and some pickled cucumber wedges. Green tea on the side.
For work I'm taking a protein drink, 3 molasses balls and some buttered green beans/peas/roasted red pepper. I also took more water. I actually drank 9 cups of water before I went to work. I also plan on having  another cup of green tea with nothing in it.
Blogger tried to eat this post so I quickly re-did it before leaving for work! If anything doesn't make sense that would be why :(


  1. All such healthy foods Suzi way to go :) Yea the whole honesty thing when it comes to food, my hat goes off to you that you're so good about it all :)

  2. I really love seeing what people eat every day. It seems like a LOT of work to me so other than the occasional meal, I probably won't be doing that myself. My food never seems as "pretty" as yours. :)

  3. Keeping it real :)
    Honesty, we can't lie to ourselves ....

    Believe me, I have tried

  4. I have an honesty post ready for tomorrow - i had a run-in with some high-calorie food today. I have enough calories left to have some air for dinner...

  5. Oh Boy, what a post, you have inspired me Suzi, yet again. Starting tomorrow I am going to start recording my food on camera again. Thank you :)

  6. I am honest when I log my food! If I was doing a strictly visual blog, I'd probably post it all, just to keep track. :) But I agree, good to be honest. The little nibbles add up fast!

  7. Your food looks good! I try to post a meal or two everyday, but not my whole day. I know all about knee pain, ugh. Try ice, wrapping it and aleve. That's what gets me through flare ups. Hope it feels better soon!

  8. So I am not the only one who doesn't photograph wine and extra bites before bed!

    Thanks for the push to be honest - I appreciate it!! Have an awesome weekend!


  9. You are as honest as the day is long!
    Besides.... as they say....
    AND WHAT WE DO.... whether we keep a journal
    or not!
    You are Golden!