Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I can't always plan!

This morning I started my day with some scrambled eggs with light laughing cow cheese and a tortilla wrapped around a banana and peanut butter :)

My muscles have felt so tight lately and my arthritis is really acting up on my knee so today I decided to do some beginners yoga. I hope this will help. Well that and an anti-flammatory.

Well the yoga was o.k except for the parts where I needed to bend my left leg!!! Ugh, haven't had it this bad in a while.

Lunch ended up being some veggies, cheese, avocado and some baked blueberry banana oatmeal

This afternoon I have a board meeting and they always supply dinner but I never know what they will be having :) So I try to keep the rest of the days eating light in case the dinner is calorie heavy.

I grabbed a green tea on the way to the meeting and dinner ended up being vegetarian chili with 1/2 a small baked potato, salad with 1/2 Tbsp cesaer salad dressing and a very small raspberry square. Maybe 1 1/2". I don't take pictures there.

Hope you had a good day!!


  1. Meetings can derail me, I take my food, when I can. When I can't it is a crp shoot!!

  2. The dinner they provided didn't sound too bad. It could have been a LOT worse. I hope your knee improves. I have knees that can give me problems if I over do things. :)

  3. Yes you never know what they will serve but today was pretty good :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your athritis! Peter has it too, the beginning stages, and I wanted to get us into yoga again. Do you find it really helps with pain management?

    Your day in food looks fab! :)

  5. I love Laughing Cow cheese wedges--Oh my, they're soooo good! You awesomely navigate your circumstances with brilliant choices, my friend. I love that! I also carry some food in my bag, just in case I need something and all available where I am is poor calorie value options...Like you--I feel like whatever the circumstances present--I have the power to navigate the choices with confidence. Hope you're doing well, my friend---sounds like it! My best--Sean