Sunday, January 22, 2012

Now my weekend starts!

That's right I worked late last night and came back first thing this morning just so my weekend can start earlier :) No problemo!

So today started before the crack of dawn. I made an omelet with cheese, a whole wheat English muffin toasted with lemon curd on it and my usual Kefir and light cream for coffee.
Breaks are at weird times on Sunday morning so I just took a protein drink and 3 molasses balls which kept me satisfied until I got home. They sent me home early so I stirfried some beans/red pepper/peas and golden beet greens. Had some dragon fruit on the side :)

Dinner tonight was some roast beef, mashed potato, gravy, and some pre-shredded cabbage stir fried with a tsp of olive oil. I also had a glass of wine. I ate the cabbage and it was o.k the hubs didn't like it :(

I still had all my muscles feeling sore today and I've also been visiting the bathroom too many times :( I did dance in the kitchen while I was cooking, but I decided a long walk in the cold might not be a good idea.

I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow so I can meet Jen for a coffee and meet my walking group. My garmin is getting lonely not being used :)


  1. One great thing about reading others peoples' blogs is that I learn so much. I have never seen or heard of dragon fruit before. I will have to look that up. The beef with the cabbage looked SO good. I am really getting in to my cabbage meals now. I really like napa cabbage!

  2. Mmm, dragon fruit... Have a good weekend :).

  3. What does dragon fruit tate like. I like kinda like a a white kiwi.

  4. That's exactly what it tastes like!! It was on sale so I thought I'd try it :)

  5. That dragon fruit looks interesting!