Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Question Day :)

Once again it's Wednesday and it's question day!

1. What is your favourite green vegetable??

2. Have you ever tried beetroot greens? What did you do with them??

3. What did/are you eating for lunch today?

4. Do you consider walking to be part of your weekly/daily exercise??

5. Do you have any physical problems that make it difficult to exercise?


  1. 1. broccoli, green beans, new love is crispy kale .... too many to choose from ;)

    2. beetroot greens? I never heard of them

    3. Dr Suess jello

    4. absolutely!!

    5. my brain activity at times... just kidding... sorry bad joke :P

  2. 1. Lettuce.

    2. Never heard of them.

    3. A salad.

    4. Walking is often a part of my workout routine- but it varies!

    5. Nope!

  3. 1 Savoy Cabbage, delicious stir fry veg.


    3. Spicy Butternut Squash soup.

    4. Yes.

    5. My back, this past week it has been going into spasm several times a day.

  4. 1. Green beans

    2. Never! Never even heard of them!!

    3. Haven't decided lunch just yet.

    4. Yes--walking is incredible and really the exercise I've done most over the course of my transformation.

    5. My right arm is defective from birth--making it shorter and considerably weaker than my left arm--and that creates some unique challenges in the weight lifting arena.

  5. I love the Bloody BeetRoots!
    Actually - that's a song!
    I've never had the plant.
    I miss beats (no pun intended)
    so I have to trust that I won't keel over when I work out real hard!

  6. 1. cucumbers and kale

    2. It seems like I have but I don't remember how I used them. But I can remember cutting them off the beets and thinking how dirty they were. LOL

    3. I'm thinking of making a crab and avocado salad with a sesame wasabi vinaigrette

    4. It used to be. Gotta get back to it.

    5. Yeah. My spare tire around my belly! I had a calf injury that kept me off my feet since December. Trying to get back to it. :)

  7. Hi Suzy, happy question day!!
    1) Without a doubt, at the moment its kale. So addicted.
    2) LOVE beet greens too.
    3) lunch today? Beet and orange salad and a pear
    4) I just went for a walk today. Love it.
    5) I have a neuroma on the bottom of my foot, which ABSOLUTELY hampers some activities. Sadly, surgery may be required soon.

    Have a great day!!!

  8. 1 cucumbers
    3im juicing sooooo
    for the day

    5 so thankful not at the moment

  9. 1. Kale
    2. no, never heard of it
    3. Starbucks Double Shot & roasted carrots with spicy sauce
    4. Yes, but not doing it for the time being.
    5. physical - RA

  10. So glad I found your blog! I will be following now. Here are my answers:
    1. Green beans, but preferrably in the infamous "green bean casserole" of holiday fame.
    2. No, I have never tried the greens of a beet. Is that what that is?
    3. A chicken enchilada (low fat, low cal, of course)
    4. Right now, walking is on the treadmill in icy, cold, MN.
    5. Knee and heel problems. Also shoulder/arm injury hampers some activities.

  11. Face is spinach, never did beet root.
    Buffalo wings for lunch, yeah not good!
    Walking is definitely exercise.
    Gout is the disability that irks me.

  12. 1. zucchini

    2. Nope

    3. Not sure just yet. Probably an apple with peanut butter.

    4. Walking is part of it sometimes, but I enjoy aerobic videos.

    5. Only my hurt knee right now. :(