Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dull and miserable!

That's what the weather is like today! Foggy, misty and muddy.

I figured even with the bad weather I'd go out on a walk.

And then I sat down to think about it some more!

I made breakfast which was some fibre one cereal, banana, raspberries, flax seed and skim milk. 2 Tbsp of kefir and 2 Tbsp 5% cream for coffee.

Then I sat down and caught up on some blog reading :)

Veggies, avocado, cheese and honey ham

Ralph came up with the brilliant idea of going to the big mall near us to do some indoor walking together!! What a smart man, I loved walking through parts of the mall I hadn't seen before. We saw a beautiful mirror I'd love to put on the walk behind my couch and many more things that will have to wait for a while. We ended up walking for an hour.

When I got home I made a snack with some strawberries and trail mix. Kept me going until dinner was ready.

I made dinner with some chicken thighs, butter chicken cooking sauce, basmati rice and green beans with some earth's balance. I have to say this was really tasty. Must remember to make this again :)

Now I need to go oil my scalp (I've had psoriasis since I was 12) and watch a movie.

Hope you had a great day too.


  1. oooh the food looks absolutly lovely!!

  2. It is dull and dreary here too, Suzy. I didn't even want to open the drapes today.

  3. I know better than to read up on you when I'm hungry! I never learn. :)

    It is so hard for me to window shop. I get the wants so bad for things in the home.

  4. dreary but in the company of loved ones. :)