Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The holiday weekend is over!

Did you enjoy your holiday weekend?? Do anything special? I have to admit other than the walk I was pretty much on the couch.

Because I usually get Monday off anyway it just seemed like a regular day except there was very little traffic and no stores open :)

Today I did some weights as well as a DVD workout. Funny thing I did the weights first then the DVD and the DVD had some of the same moves so I definitely got some good exercise in today!

  • Squats with shoulder press
  • Crunches 3 x10
  • Bicep curls 3 x10
  • Leg lifts 3 x10
  • Chest press 3 x10
  • Front raise 3 x10
  • And a hip exercise that I don't know the name of :) hip extention?? 3 x10
  • Tricep extensionn 2x10

Breakfast was some apple rings dipped in multi grain pancake batter with some sugar free syrup on top, 2 Tbsp kefir and 2 Tbsp of 5% cream for 2 coffees.

Lunch was a salad with veggies, 4% allegro cheese, a few blueberries, some balsamic vinegrette and an Activia yogurt. I also had a cup of green tea.

For dinner I made a new to me recipe Baked Potato Soup! I also having a glass of wine after dinner while we watch the movie Tower Heist which came out on DVD today :)


  1. Those apple rings look great! We didn't do anything special as it wasn't much of a holiday here. Just the same old hectic Monday for hubby and a pretty boring one for me. I did get out in the sun for a bit though.

  2. I love baked potato soup. I miss it so.

    You made me hungry. Haha!

  3. It is very good that you are exercising and also watching the diet.With the increased diseases now a days you have to be more careful with your health.EMR