Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gone shopping!!

Snuffy say's hi :)

Today was definitely a shopping day!

First was a much needed grocery shopping trip.

Then it was off to the mall by bus to get new work shoes and buy more phone time. Yep really stylish non slip shoes.

Back on the bus to the other end of town. I needed to stop by Starbucks to get another reusable coffee tumbler plus they have their Tribute coffee back :) I did get to meet up with my daughter Jen which always makes my day.

Next was a trip to Shopper's Drug mart, I also needed to stop at the health food store for more protein powder. Look what I found!! Nature's Path Love crunch with pineapple , white chocolate and coconut :)

After that was done I needed to pick up some studs for my nose. Yes, I have a nose piercing.

Oh and the battery died in my Garmin heart rate monitor so I had to find somewhere to buy that as well.

Finally I stopped at the LCBO to buy a nice bottle of red wine to go with the steak we're having.

Now??? I'm going to relax with a movie and a glass of wine!

Wow that was an exhausting but fun day :)

Today's nosh:

Breakfast: egg substitute omelet with cheese, 1 cup low sugar oj, 1 slice of toast with 1 tbsp sugar free jam. 2 Tbsp kefir and 2 Tbsp 5% cream for coffee

On the go!!  Veggie container, fruit container, yogurt, fibre one bar

Dinner: Beef tenderloin, baked fries, green beans, 1 tsp oliviano marg, red wine (good for the heart eh!)


  1. You always post such beautiful looking pictures.
    I love the look of your veggies for lunch each day, always make me crave some.
    What veggies do you tend to eat each day?
    Keep up the amazing blogging.
    Gi xx

  2. Actually Gi I make those containers up ahead of time so I have something to grab quickly :)
    I love cherry tomatoes and the mini peppers!
    I'm also becoming addicted to kale and spinach.
    Thanks I really appreciate knowing that people like what I blog!!

  3. I love the mini peppers too! You were on the run today!!

  4. So do you love the HRM? I'm considering buying one. But I'm not sure if I can justify the spending yet. I want to get the fitbit. Brand recommendations?

    Hi to the kitteh! I'd love to see your nose piercing! I must admit, I didn't expect that! :)

  5. Got the piercing for my 40th birthday ;)
    I love my garmin with the shoe pod because I workout indoors a lot and a gps just wasn't enough.
    I'm getting a fitbit next month!!
    Will post a picture with my nose piercing I just wear small studs :)

  6. Love Crunch? That looks yummy!!! LOVE LOVE the mini peppers!!!!

    Stay focused!!!

  7. I just came across your blog and am now following you. All your food looks so delicious. I have those last darn 10 lbs. to take off and boy are they stubborn. I love your idea about preparing the veggies/fruit ahead of time. I am going to start doing that. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I deleted a post because for some reason my comment posted twice. Weird.

  10. I still love those containers, I have adopted that system myself. It's so handy to have a few of them lined up and ready to go!