Friday, March 30, 2012

A great day!!

Sun is shining but still pretty cold.

I had a problem with my phone today so not only did I get a walk in before work but I also picked up groceries and had to sort out my phone! Oh I also did an upper body workout :)

Does anyone know what bird this is??

Today's Nosh:

Breakfast: the best brekkie evah :) Banana split: banana, yogurt, strawberries, Nature's Path Aloha granola with pineapple and white chocolate chunks and 1 tbsp of dark chocolate drizzle!! 2 Tbsp kefir and 2 Tbsp of so nice coffee creamer.

Lunch: Ham and cream cheese roll ups with jalapeno peppers, Amy's cream of tomato soup,cucumber and kiwi

For work:
1c cantaloupe, protein drink and cheese stick


  1. That's my favorite lunch!! I literally almost exist of cream cheese and jalapeno ham roll ups!! We are so on the same page!

  2. I haven't had them in so long you reminded me of how good they really are :)

  3. Your presentation of your food is TOPS! That brekki looks SOO good. YUM!!


  4. I'm on my way to the airport to catch a plane JUST to have one of your breakfast sundaes!!! Kidding, but damn, that looks so good. Have a great Friday Suzy!!

  5. I love how your breakfast looks like dessert :) That's a wonderful way to start the morning!

    I had oat pancakes this morning and they were divine! Have a great weekend!

  6. I think that bird is a cedar waxwing.

  7. That breakfast is tempting me beyond reason. Bananas are one of my favorite comfort foods but I just started induction for Atkins. No fruit for a good long time. I will remember this though and I will dream of it at night. It looks YUMMY!

  8. Oh My STARS!!! That Food looks YUMMILICIOUS! I'll have to incorporate some of them into my menus!

  9. I'm so making that breakfast for myself on Sat. morning...Thank you, for post those beautiful food pics. My food had gotten very boring, so glad to have found your blog!!

  10. Suzi. Lori is correct, That bird is a cedar waxwing. Nice photo. There is a website called where you can post bird , animal or plant photos and other people can ID them.

    I spotted a cedar waxwing not long ago. Cool looking birds.
    Here's a link to my photo

    I use my photography to motivate me to go walking everyday. Fun and I can both walk and take photos on my lunch break. Karen P

  11. I think that bird is a Cedar Waxwing!