Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Question Day!

Thanks for taking the time to answer!!

1. What do you eat/drink after a workout?? Or maybe before a workout?

2. What is your favourite drink??

3. What colour socks are you wearing?

4. How are you feeling about exercising this week?? Not good/excited/strong/guilty?

5. Do you eat/drink soy??


  1. 1. I try to have something before I work out, plan to be done an hour before I hit the gym, then come home and eat again

    2. Coffee Bean iced coffee, with two add shots, 2 Splebda, easy ice and sugar free vanilla powder

    3. bare feet this morning :P

    4. GREAT :)

    5. not much any more, I don't seek it out, but I don't avoid it either

  2. 1.banana and my treat for great workout is zero water ( lemonade)
    2-coffee !!

    3-just slippers now

    4-excited about my workouts, due to knee problems have made swimming my main workout besides walking. I'm just back to being able to swim a mile 3 times a week and am very proud of that.

    5-do love a good soy burger, but have switched to almond milk.

  3. 1.) I usually eat fruit before and protein after.
    2.) Green Tea
    3.) Bare foot right now
    4.) Extremely excited about my workouts. Love training for the 1/2 Marathon!!
    5.) Yes! YUMMY!

    Stay focused!

  4. I had to copy and paste these questions because there is no way I would remember them!

    1. What do you eat/drink after a workout?? Or maybe before a workout?

    If I am going out for an early morning walk, nothing. I usually eat a banana aferward.

    2. What is your favourite drink??

    Dr. Pepper, but I am avoiding soda so water is it at this time.

    3. What colour socks are you wearing?

    No socks right now, still in bed :).

    4. How are you feeling about exercising this week?? Not good/excited/strong/guilty?

    I'm doing it, but not too motivated this week.

    5. Do you eat/drink soy??

    I do eat soy, I am vegetarian so a lot of the meat substitutes I eat are soy. I eat it maybe twice a week. It tends to make me, um, gassy if I eat it too often.

  5. 1. Before a workout, I usually have a banana or some citrus fruit. After, I always have a skinny green monster smoothie- unsweetened almond milk, 3 cups spinach, frozen banana, WW smoothie mix, ice and ff Greek yogurt- delicious!

    2. My favorite drink is *real* Coca Cola, but I haven't had any in months and months since it tends to be something that I can't stop drinking once I start. In terms of what I have often, twice a week I have a nonfat caramel frappacchino at Starbucks- LOVE IT!

    3. No socks- I live in Florida and we tend to be barefoot most of the time

    4. I feel *great* about exercise this week! I'm off of school/work all week for spring break so I've been able to get in a lot of classes at the gym, walking and running

    5. I've had soy milk in the past, but due to thyroid issues and soy's questionable effect on thyroid function I've switched to almond milk

  6. 1. I drink water before, after and during. I usually eat an Access bar (melaleuca)... it's like zone bars etc, made for helping you keep your energy up for your work out.

    2. I used to LOVE Dr. Pepper. But I haven't had it since last May. So I don't know.... Now I've got a thing for peppermint tea.

    3. Socks?! I'm barefoot all the way.

    4. I'm doing my work outs... but I definitely feel like I need to take things up a notch or try something different... I'm feeling kinda stagnant.

    5. I don't like the flavor of soy milk... but I LOVE almond milk and hemp milk. SO much more nutritious than cow's milk.

  7. 1. I usually have dinner a few hours before working out. If not, I load up with some carbs usually. After a workout I try to get some proteins in, fast. :) And water, lots of it!

    2. My favourite drink is coke zero. My nemesis ;)

    3. My socks are black!

    4. I am feeling GREAT about exercising, although I have knee pains that hold me back.. but I'll make it work!

    5. I do not, mainly because I don't like it. :p

  8. 1. Coffee before and water/protein shake after

    2. I only drink a few things these days so I'd have to go with coffee again!

    3. Barefoot!

    4. Boo b/c I have been having knee issues which has temporarily derailed me!

    5. No

  9. 1 I like to have a protein shake. I mix some of the whey protein with a water flavor pkt. Some days I blend it with ice like a slushy.
    2 honestly Coke but these days will settle for a Coke Zero. But my healthier option that I really like is Diet Citrus Green Tea.
    3 at the moment none. Just woke up and trying to moving to the gym. Actually waiting on my daughter to get moving before I do. I will get there
    4I am LOVING it. sounds convincing huh? TBH I really do feel good about it.
    5 never really been a soy fan.