Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things that make me say Wow!

I found a new blog that I've been reading for a couple of days now.

I read her post today and honestly it just made me say wow!!

The post is called what I eat but it wasn't so much what she eats as why she eats it that stood out for me.

Obviously I'm not low carb. I try not to go too over board with them though :) I can't go too high in protein due to my kidneys and gout. But I also can't go too high on carbs or it triggers binge eating. I've also never had weight loss surgery. But this lady and her post have made me think a lot this morning about what and how I eat. In fact I believe it's a message that anyone can use some of the ideas.

Now for the most part I eat pretty healthy. However, every now and then cravings get the better of me and it can start a downhill slide. After reading today's post I have several thoughts on how I can stop that slide when it's just started or hopefully before it starts!

I honestly never thought about eating foods that I don't absolutely love. That perhaps eating foods that taste o.k would be better in the long run.

So I've decided to keep track of how foods make me feel an hour or so after eating them. I really do feel that this might be a great idea. Of course I'll let you know how it's going.

Now I'm off to work at my coffee/donut shop :) And yes I won't be eating any junk food.


  1. I haven't read today's post but I also just started reading her blog. Very inspiring. Have a good weekend.:)

  2. definitely a great blog... I really enjoyed her post. Thanks for the introduction! :)

  3. WOW!! This made my whole day. Whole weekend in fact!! I am SOO happy that something I said was helpful to you. I really appreciate you writing this. I am super glad I found you and will be following your progress. And may the force be with you working amongst the pastries!!!

  4. Hmh. This was very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I need to start paying attention the sugar in my foods. I never thought t could be to blame for my cravings

  6. Thanks, Suzy for pointing the way to her blog. It is just what I needed to hear right now. Getting back to my roots on my eating plan is exactly what I need.