Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today's nosh and more walking!

Today was another beautiful "almost" summer day! So off on another walk I just had to go. Today is also lower body workout day so I did that as well :) Definitely going to be sore tomorrow!!

Lower body workout:
wall squats
skater squats
lateral lunges
single leg squats with chair
lying single leg raises

Walked for 50 minutes: Sorry about the no smile but boy was I hot and sweaty!! (the thing in my ears is a wireless mp3)

Today's Nosh:

Breakfast: bran flakes with skim milk, banana, 3g coconut, 3g cocoa nibs and 2Tbsp of kefir, 2 Tbsp 5% cream for coffee.

Lunch: veggie container, fruit container, bodywise tortilla with corned beef, cheese and jalapeno peppers warmed up

Dinner: blue menu Italian lasagna, cauliflower, broccoli and a glass of white wine

Snack: strawberry banana frozen smoothie