Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wow, wow, wow!

Getting all my stats ready for my monthly update tomorrow! And all I can say is wow :)

I really do appreciate each and every comment and feedback that I get "hugs" to everyone for helping to keep me motivated!!

Did a 1 mile Leslie walk away the pounds dvd. I'm in a challenge and the challenge this weekend is to add an extra veggie and an extra glass of water as well as 15 minutes of extra exercise. Since the weekends I usually keep low on the exercise it's pretty easy to add 15 minutes in before work.

Today's Nosh

Breakfast: blue menu bran flakes with so nice soy milk and berries. 2 Tbsp kefir and 3 Tbsp so nice coffee creamer

Lunch: 1/2 berry medley muffin, ham roll with cream cheese and jalapeno peppers, Kerrygold reserve cheddar cheese

Took to work: Pure pro shake, fruit container, fibre one bar and some cherry tomatoes


  1. Can't wait to see your update. Your food looks great as always. Hang in there. :)

  2. This looks awesome . Are those cucumbers or pickles next to the ham roll up . I'm tell you we live the same life!!! This could totally be my lunch on any given day!!

  3. YUMMMM!
    Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

    Happy Saturday!

  4. Wow everything looks so beautiful and yummy