Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to regular programming!

Sorry to have been gone so long but when I'm sick I find it very hard to stay with any kind of schedule eating wise as well as exercise wise. In fact it was hard to breath without coughing.

Last night was the first time I've slept in bed and not sitting up on the couch, so I guess I must be almost back to normal :)

When I get sick I get really sick.

So I have joined a challenge on Spark People called the BLC (Biggest loser challenge) they are a fun group and they will whip me into shape in no time! Of course I have to the hard work :)

I've decided to get back into doing what I know works for me. So today I'm back to getting all my water in (when I was sick the antibiotic left such a nasty taste in my mouth that I wasn't drinking as much).
I'm also going to get at least 20 minutes in 6 days a week.
I've made a menu plan and I'll be picking up groceries on Thursday so that will make things a little easier as well.

I honestly don't know how people stick to plan when they're sick. All I want is Hall's, cough syrup, nasal sprays, kleenex and sleep :) Chocolate and carbs are also high on my list! Oh and when I'm sick I need to stay in my pj's all day.

Back to daily blogging and keeping caught up with my blog reading. I seriously got behind so I'm sorry if I haven't commented where I usually do.

Believe it or not it's supposed to snow today!! I did have a meeting to go to today but I decided I'm not 100% better and my throat is still sore so I decided to stay home. Ralph convinced me that I should try to get some exercise in so we went on the bus to the local mall and power walked there for 30 minutes.

I want to see how many days I can go exercising at least 20 minutes a day. Today is day 1.

Today's nosh

Breakfast: banana split oats! Oats, strawberries, banana, sf chocolate syrup and a Tbsp of granola

Lunch: wasn't really hungry so I made some iced coffee and added a chocolate protein drink. Hit the spot (no picture)

Dinner: English banger (sausage) baked fries and baked beans


  1. It's so good to hear that you are feeling better. We've missed you. :)

  2. man! that sickness knocked you OUT! I'm glad you're back to posting. Keepin' accountable. :)

  3. Glad you are back in the land of the living!

    I don't get sick often, but I always want smooth and creamy stuff. Oatmeal, mashed potatoes, ice cream. :D

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better, Suzanne. When I'm sick, I just want to sleep. And it's hard to even taste anything, but chocolate does help.

  5. Glad your feeling better Suzanne, WOW your breakfast looks AMAZING!!!
    Hope your week gets better xx

  6. Who is back?
    YOU are back!
    Love it!

  7. So glad you are feeling better. Your Banana Split Oats looks amazing!

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better!!