Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hubs gets a thumbs up from the Dr!

I got up super early this morning and practically ran around the grocery store :) That was a workout itself!!

We went to the follow-up cardiologist appointment for Ralph and his Dr said she was very happy with all the tests. That's a load of stress off right there. On Monday I go for a check up on my stents, hopefully that will go just as well.

Snuffy was watching everything I do :) yep he get's very serious about his job. I love that he still has the one white hair on his chest. That's the only white hair he has. (Now he's going to stalk me for telling you)

Breakfast was on the run: a protein drink and a fibre one bar

Lunch: salad with a peanut vinegrette, spicy california rolls

At work: Fruit container, veggie container, cheese and yogurt

After work a glass of wine!


  1. That's so wonderful that his checkup went well! I get so worried with the people I love in my life. I tend to get super anxious about anything health related.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. Good news is always fabulous! Hope your checkup is just as good. Your food looks great as always -- especially lunch. Yum. :)

  3. So great to hear hubby's tests are good :) If only I liked raw veggies :) that lunch would be perfect for me :) Yep, he looks serious about his job :)

  4. so glad the tests came back good! :)